The review of refurbished iPhone 5C

By: Chris Cui

That’s a description more than a criticism, though—the iPhone 5 is a terrific phone. Picking up an iPhone 5C this year means you’ll get all of the benefits of the 5 with the bright colors of the 5C, which is a great combination. The refurbished one you can still own it in your hand.

Familiar Interiors
The exterior is the primary place that the 5C differs from the 5. Its interior, on the other hand, is almost identical (the major difference is that the 5C’s battery is slightly larger, but that doesn’t seem to have a major influence of battery life).

Both phones are built around the Apple A6 processor running at 1 GHz. The A6 is plenty snappy and, while it’s no longer Apple’s premiere processor (the iPhone 5S sports the A7), is more than powerful enough to power practically anything you want to do with your smartphone.

Needless to say, there’s not any innovation in the guts of the iPhone 5C, but that doesn’t make it a bad, or even behind-the-times, phone. All of these features and options are very good and will satisfy the majority of your day-to-day needs.

Compared to Its Big Brother
Since the iPhone 5 is no longer being sold, how the 5C compares to it is less interesting than how it compares to Apple’s current flagship model, the iPhone 5S. The answer, it turns out, is pretty well.

The 5C’s speeds loading these sites were identical to the iPhone 5’s.
Due to the superior camera, if photos and videos are important to you, the 5S is a no brainer. It’s substantially more capable than the 5C. The 5S also offers a number of smaller improvements, such as the M7 motion processor and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Those are valuable options, but the 5C is a solid competitor for its sibling.

The Bottom Line
iPhone 5 was a very good phone. The 5C, being only slightly different, is also a very good phone. The camera is a huge difference, and the fact that the 5C tops out at 32GB while the 5S goes to 64GB will matter many users. But if you’re looking to get a full-featured iPhone at a low price, the 5C deserves real consideration. If the price is your first preference, a refurbished one is a perfect alternative.

The iPhone 5c is a previous device and even a laggard. However, Apple is known for having high-end, dependable products. Their usual customers won’t settle for second best. I think it’s great they’re trying to appeal to people who otherwise wouldn’t be in their demographic, but I’m just not sure it’s the smartest business move. Looking beyond that and the iPhone 5C does feel structurally sound in the hand, no doubt helped by the steel frame hidden under the plastic exterior and I found I was far less concerned about it smashing. The steel frame also doubles as the 5C's antenna, meaning there's no risk of signal dropping if you fancy holding this iPhone in your left hand as opposed to your right. You won't be "holding it wrong." The iPhone 5C feels like it can be chucked into a bag without having to worry about its condition when it comes to pulling it back out.

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