The reason of working car lease is favorite in the Netherlands

By: Mahfuz alam

From the Netherlands car leaseis rather well-known for businesses but less for your purchaser market place. The car lease customer marketplace is rising at a slow pace although it is uncomparable with all the B2B market. What will be the main reasons along with what does the carlease market inside the Netherlands seem like? Underneath the first article that should give more experience regarding the market

The three most in-demand kinds of car lease in the Netherlands

Operating lease: Probably the most known sort of car lease that won’t transfer the ownership with the car towards the user but leaves it on the so-called “lessor”. A corporation benefits of better income paying a month-to-month fee for your technique car in case there is operational lease. Aside from the easier funding it will give companies the comfort of no administration, no reparations with no debts in case there is accidents. The operational lease contract is normally Forty-eight months but have a range between 12 and 5 years. usually can be terminated at short notice. The so-called financial risk or accounting allowance with the car stays with is to use the lessor of the car.
Financial lease: The primary reason to use some of the ways of financing the car paying also a monthly charge but usually doesn’t include insurance coverage and reparations. An impact will be the economic risk that now could be with all the lessee rather than the lessor. The car also will be triggered on the lessee’s balance sheet.
Sale and leaseback: This sort of lease is used each time a car is purchased by a business in the first case however the business enterprise determines to outsource the car management for convenience or financial reasons. Some of the latter is the case but as it the term currently says the business will sell the vehicle to the lessor and can then lease it again form the lessor.

Tax rules car lease

In addition to comfort and financing as main bonuses to pick car lease and also the Dutch tax system has lots of rewards to settle on for car lease. An personnel that is certainly acquiring a company car from the employer regarding his employment contract has to pay tax because it is seen as an further salary across the small wage. When an employee drives greater than 500 KM a year that is not regarded as business driven, let’s say private, he needs pay taxes across the valuation on the car he has gained by the employer. This tax is known as “bijtelling” or the so-called "additional tax liability".

Employees won't be taxed for the complete car value. Based of the Co2 emission he will pay a percentage different between 0% and 25% of the car value ex VAT. The less CO2 emission, the low the percentage.

There are currently four different percentages 25%, 20%, 14%, 0%. In 2014 you will have a fifth percentage of 7%. The computation of 0% relates to cars with no CO2 emissions, 14% for compounds, 20% for cars with low CO2 pollution levels and 25 % for cars with relatively high CO2 pollution levels. Furthermore what category your car falls depends upon the CO2 emissions. inside the coming years, the requirements will be adjusted to ensure an automobile that is now achievable in the category of 14% or 20%, On the webpage you've got the total plan for the years 2012 to 2015.

Example: car value € 25.000 x 25% high emission = added income.

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Koen Withagen, founder of, created a markets for shortlease and occasionlease cars in '09. At present leasing of cars with 14% and 20% bijtelling cars is becoming very popular because the Dutch government is giving tax advantages to employees that lease cars which includes a lower co 2 emission. Besides 14% and 20% bijtelling soon a new kind associated with 7% bijtelling will probably be introduced for even less expensive cars

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