The process of e-Book marketing and selling on the internet

By: balraj.nh2009

Writing your e-Book is just the first step in the process of marketing and selling it on the internet. There are many ways to promote what you have written about, but the one I like best is when you use an audio recording to allow your prospects the opportunity to hear your voice as you share an excerpt from your eBook.

The spoken word is extremely powerful. I hold weekly teleseminars and also host an internet radio show. Once people have heard my voice they feel much more comfortable about doing business with me online. We were all skeptical about the internet in the very beginning, so it is natural for people to want to know they can actually hear your voice.

Additionally, when you read a chapter from your eBook you are putting the inflections and emphasis exactly where they should be. for more Your listeners will hear the information the way you intended for it to be interpreted when you wrote it.

You can easily record a chapter or an excerpt using any one of a variety of methods available to you online. There are both free and paid services that allow you to make a recording and then give people access to the mp3 file to download or to the wav file to burn to a CD. You can edit the recording if you like, and also add music to the beginning and the end. Be sure to give your name at the beginning and the end of the recording as well, along with the website where they may purchase your eBook.

People learn in a variety of ways. for visit majority of people are visual, and learn best by reading. Others are auditory learners and enjoy hearing the material in order to absorb it best. Still others are kinesthetic, and these are the ones who will print out your eBook and make notes all over it. The truth is that we all learn best from a mixture of these three learning styles, so offer your eBook in different forms so that everyone will benefit.

Lately I have started to offer a short report along with an audio as my free giveaway. This way people can choose how they want to receive my information, without me having to ask them or making the choice for them. I do know that those who end up hearing my information or listening to one of my teleseminars will be more likely to become one of my clients.

Allow people to hear your voice and get to know you, and you will sell more of your eBooks.

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