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Recently I collected some information about the analysis and cheap ffxiv gil summary for the share problem of RS 5.0 account, and I guess that it's must useful to you, so I write this article and like to share these with you to help you play the game more easier.

Several key achievements of 5.0 Shared rules:

1. It's the RS pass sharing, not just the account

We can assume that the game system have no such a concept "Run escape account", account share the achievements system will be based on account completely, not hang in the various Run escape account.

2. Two hundred and fifty thousand, 2500 and share the head daily schedule, and most of the other achievements not sharing of progress

There are two account unique achievements (not included in the name of any single character). One is a single character impossible achievement. If our future to join such a success: "all the professional level 90," the achievement was apparently can exist only account level. (I'm not sure if it will join the achievement, but as an example is really a very appropriate) another one is you can finish on a single role had calculated the enormity of the very success (and you never wanted to come to a), such as the 2500 daily 250000 or honorable kill and so on. In this case, you every role of contribution achievement progress will be accumulate each other. View details

3. The package as long journey, various achievements versions by more glory team achievements of the great achievements can light up by multiple roles completed

These achievements ask you to complete a pile of other specific achievement. Such as the notorious "very strange long journey" achievement. These achievements progress is basically account of general.

For instance, your role A won the "Easter noble", while role B won the "protect the flame" and other achievements, that your account number can reach A "very strange long travel". (Otherwise looks too strange: you clearly have the account with all child achievement, but total achievement but didn't finish). Even if your account with only one role completed "explore thousand needles the stone forest", other Angle also can take it included in the "explore kalimdor" achievement progress.

4. More than by a single light green goal achievements (such as the earth's fission gourmet, lakes scholars, is well-read) need the same character light to finish?

The good news in these days is that the amount of people subscribed to playing game Run escape has remains at a steady level, despite reports the figure had dropped. I do think this is the encouraged news to all the players, as well as the RS Gold making.

Activision Blizzard has said that the title had 10.2 million subscribers at the end of March, which is a comparable to the number of players at the start of 2012. The game has still lost around 1.8 million players in the last year, yet it remains the most popular subscription-based title on the market.

But even with the new additions to the game luring fans back in, it will face competition from other upcoming MMOs, such as Guild Wars 2 and The Elder Scrolls Online, both of which already have a dedicated fan base from previous titles.

The release of Blizzard's Diablo III could offset some of the firm's lost income as the long-awaited action role playing game has already set pre-order records.

Thatís all for today and I do wish you can make a better understanding about the Run escape and make more RS Gold in your game in this guide. Besides, you can contact us if you want to buy some cheap and safe RS Gold. Hope you have a nice time and good luck!

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