The origin of the art of Graffiti

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Graffiti means scribbles in Italian, and graffiti (the plural) refers to the graffiti on the walls of chaos in the written image or painting. Basically, Graffiti is an act of near-writing, text, accounting for a large proportion of the image of the symbol or logo, graphic content is common, but most of the image is written in a similar way, briefly that the intention is not deliberately to describe to describe the system. But then graffiti art pictures, symbols, signs are written in graffiti art overwhelming in turn become the dominant. Pictures can better reflect the relative of the content and express the guiding philosophy of his work.

Same as graffiti art and hip-hop music have originated in the Bronx, New York, the Bronx (Bronx) and the United States is the only neighborhood together, the poorest neighborhoods of New York. Since the last century 60s, there were occupied by black and Latino residents from the North America. They live in poorly equipped government built apartment in the poor, the street outside is rundown and barren weeds.

Years of poor black youth make life extremely worship of money, as professional athletes is their shortcut to get rich quickly. During that time, the Bronx district basketball court a few small groups of young people can often be seen playing basketball black guy, many people with fingers on both neck and thick gold necklace. Worship of money made in public display of wealth as a fashion the Bronx. Of course, there are many young people will start to start the drugs to be rich.
Do these illegal things are likely to be caught by the police, or street punks eye. So these people have organized gangs to protect themselves. Emerged in the Bronx, a time many triad societies, any "original skeleton," "barbaric People", "Javelin team", "Royal Wizard", "seven crown," and so forth. At that time many young people to join in order to find a sense of belonging to various gangs in the. Naive in their imagination, like a Bruce Lee movie gang described as a group of people unite and fight opponents, and in the process of fighting to establish an eternal friendship.
During that time the Bronx graffiti everywhere too crooked gang symbols, mixed with "toilet literature" like indecent images. U.S. newspaper described the Bronx, "is like a primitive man settlements." No wonder some people will link graffiti and primitive, because the earliest human writing and painting is inscribed on the wall, those murals are the only prehistoric civilizations left records. Can occur with paper, murals had become a savage mark. Especially when the city appears, modern man seems to have been used to the smooth surface of the building, any patterns have become a kind of damage, an anti-spiritual pollution of civilization.
If the Bronx mural always stay in the era of gang tags, and that future generations would hardly have nothing to say. However, there are paintings of several talented people out of gangs simple dissatisfaction with the label began to design their own new label, since then, these gangs signs look good. Still later, a group of rebel spirit of non-gang full of painters finally realized that the wall is the cheapest and most practical canvas in the world, they began to move. Since then, a new art form - "Graffiti" (Graffiti) was born.

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