The origin of the Rugby football

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Formerly known in English Rugby football is Rugby football, although translated into football, but it has nothing to do with the Olive origin.

Rugby is an English name of the town. In this town there is a public school called Rugby School. According to legend, in 1823, when the school held a football match was very intense competition, including a man named William Webb Ellis's 16-year-old boy, as came from behind, so he, he should pick up ball on the ground ran to the other side of the goal, he took the ball in his arms and ran with it.

Although at the time the move disregard the rules of football, in violation of the provisions of football, but the match caused by the presence of a strong interest in the audience: If the soccer match can also be hand, it will certainly become a more interesting sport. Thus was born in England Rugby Football, in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth area, gradually promoting, attracting the world's population, the local interest in sports-loving, and open to development.

But later, after careful research historian, found that the story is purely fictitious, but the legend is a powerful force, it has gained, now set at Rugby School is also a stone with the inscription: "This stone commemorates the exploit of William Webb Ellis. "" monument commemorating W • W • Ellis courageous action. " And even the Rugby football's highest honor, Rugby World Cup Rugby World Cup Webb Ellis trophy is named for, as Webb Ellis Cup

Game, the offensive play of 11 offensive players; and defender playing 11 defensive players. 4 offensive attacks must be after the forward 10 yards. Completion of 10 yards each and then starts a 4 attack. If after the 4 attack, the attacker can’t effectively forward 10 yards, offense and defense conversion. Defensive side of the original 4 times from the original attack on the offensive after the death of the location of the ball began to counterattack. Of course, the original 11 put on the defensive side offensive players, and replaced the original 11 offensive defender.

Competition is divided into two halves of a total of 4 sections, each 15 minutes. And the NBA is different is that each half in addition to the exchange between the two venues, the ball's state remains unchanged. Therefore, only the final stages of the second half only on the need to control time.

In South Africa, if you ask them where the first sport, different people have different answers. Blacks will not hesitate to answer: football; but if it is white, he will be very strong to say: football. In fact, they are not wrong, just that they for the "first" to understand different. South Africans know the saying: Rugby football is a gentleman of hooliganism, football is a gentleman rogue campaign.

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