The new proffessionals of doing business

By: Kim Omdahl

Many people talks about the good and the bads of these way of work . The use of MLM genealogy leads for building your MLM business online is a hot topic in a world where marketing online has become the way for networkers to take their businesses to the next level. If you would like to move from the pulverized of warm market prospecting into the leverage created by marketing your business online, you have to be able to generate indefinite high quality leads.

Can you imagine that? Well, if you've only done warm market prospecting thus far, you may be considering the purchase of MLM genealogy lists. If you are getting your business onto the internet for the first time, I would like to save you a lot of time and trouble. When my team asks me questions like these, I try to be as objective as possible. I really don't believe it is specialized to bash other companies.

It is my job to my downline and peers within our team to give out information that is as accurate as possible. I keep this in mind any time that I am creating content such as this article. It may not be read by just a random stranger. You may be one of my future team members, so it is just as important to give you valid information as when I am speaking to a current member of my MLM business on the phone.

I have to respectfully disagree with the many people who are giving you pros and cons on MLM genealogy lists. There really are no pros on this subject. I define spam as any unsolicited sales pitches that you receive through any medium. It can be spam email, physical junk mail or calls from people that got you off an MLM genealogy list. Think about your reaction to the spam that you get every day. Think about the amount of your valuable time that is stolen and the amount of resources that are wasted on spam. Spamming is a policy with numbered days.

I make this point because MLM lead generation this way does not give you the best MLM leads. If you would like the highest quality MLM leads, you need to generate them yourself. There are many ways to generate the best MLM leads, and some of these are actually free. MLM genealogy lists are mostly obtained illegally and in violation of FTC regulations. There is a reason these people get upset when you call. It's not your fault, you've just been mislead by these lead list companies.

Today there are many extremely very usefull methods of generating MLM leads that do not involve spamming, in fact these methods are the wave of the future. All of the top producers in MLM online use non-spam methods of lead generation. Getting people to request contact from you is the only truly effective way to build your MLM online. The use of content (like this article), press releases and content like blogging are absolutely effective at getting people to ask for you to contact them. Additionally, there are many other strategies such as video, social bookmarking and social networking, to name a few.

You dont have to make people listen to you . Internet marketing is much more effective if your prospect asks to hear your message. Don't fall into the trap of buying MLM leads. Take your business to the next level by learning to generate your own lead list.

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