The new era toners for the different printing machines

By: Peter Damin

The toner of Konica Minolta is polymerised and is celebrating the tenth anniversary this particular year. It was first produced in the year 2000. The latest system of digital printing of Konica Minolta uses the Toshiba toner. From the very early stage, the research and the development were based on the fact that the toner as polymerised should not cause any harm to the environment. The successful efforts from the part of Konica Minolta gave rise to the emission and consumption of the energy in significant amounts. This toner is also used in the printing of the food packages. The safety standards are maintained by the company and they pay a lot of heed towards the health standards. The generation of this polymerised toner has combined decades of reliability, success and experience with innovative and advanced technologies. The toner was manufactured in four colours in the beginning years. The structure of the toner enables the low fusing of the temperatures and at the same time it is extraordinarily heat resistant. The lifecycle of the toner causes the minimum impact on the society.

The Konica toner is promoting a new era of corporate sensibility for the environment. This unique toner from Toshiba is a new device of the printing solutions of the company which have the ability of removing the output of the texts and the images by reusing the paper. The reusing of the sheet can be done up to five times and through this the users can minimize the usage of the paper dramatically, the emissions of the carbon dioxide can be lessened up to 57% according to the standards of the global national organization. The colour of the toner is removed effectively by applying heat which in turn helps to erase the output of a page. The new Toshiba toner enables the employees to assert their ecological leadership. The overall use of the toner minimizes the negative impact on the environment. It also helps the customers and the users to participate equally in lessening the addition of the pollutants of the environment.

The Savin toner is not only eco friendly but it also functions in a great way in most of the printers. It is a perfect toner for the people who go for a regular printing with the other jobs of the computer. The materials with which the toners are made up of can be re used. The e wastes which are mostly the empty cartridges take many years to degrade. These are designed in such a way that they can be disassembled once the toner gets finished. It also produces high quality printing which is the major function of the toner. The cartridges can be cleaned and used again and again to produce the print of the top quality. The actual toner prints about 11,000 pages which is standard for the manufacturers of printer. It can also be used with any type of paper. The Sharp drum unit produces the printouts of high quality which have a professional look for the business purposes. The drum unit can also be sent to the unit of recycling.

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The Toshiba toner asserts ecological leadership and is environment friendly. The materials which make up the Savin toner can be recycled and reused. The Sharp drum unit can be recycled and the printouts are professional in nature and mainly for business.

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