The necessary substance of golf

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Golf equipments include clubs, balls, shoes, cap, gloves and clothing, even the ground.

1. Club
Club by the club head, shaft and grip of three parts, the length of about 0.91-1.29 meters. According to the needs of near and far shots, each player with up to 14 different types of clubs approach. This 14 clubs should be appropriate in the following configuration: 4-wood, 9 irons and a putter. For starters, take one of the odd shot as long as sufficient.
(1) to persimmon wood and more wood. Folders according to their length and slope angle bar can be divided into different numbers. Smaller numbers, the length of the longer, the ball also hit higher and farther. Woods used more in the service area, the most commonly used are 1,3,4,5 struts, for beginners, the 3-wood is more applicable.
(2) The iron head made of soft iron, wood slightly thinner than the small. It is mainly used to control short-range combat, iron can be roughly divided into long, medium and short categories. Directional long irons easy to grasp; in the iron easy to swing, easy to use for beginners; short irons for shots in a difficult position.
(3) from the putter head is made of soft iron is mainly used to push the ball into the hole. Putting can be divided into T-, L-and D-type, straight face is their common characteristics.

2. Ball, club bags and shoes
From Scotland to the modern era of golf, great changes have taken place. The initial core golf is to do with feathers, leather case sewing together, not only the process is difficult, and genuine low. Early 19th century, golf manufacturing craftsmen can make per day four or five "good" ball. But the feather-type golf is not durable, especially in case of rain, sewing thread easy to break, often leading to rupture of the ball in flight, feathers flying all over the sky. Fifty-late 19th century a "rubber ball", the ball is made of rubber-like gutta percha. The beginning is the solid or liquid after the solid material for the core. Modern golf for more liquid core, made of rubber for the shell. White rubber ball on the surface there are many regular arrangement of the "dimple" type of depression, in order to facilitate and improve the accuracy of the flight. Rubber Golf divided into British and American-style two. The maximum weight of the ball shall not be more than 50.38 grams. American Ball has minimum diameter of 4.26 cm, for U.S. domestic use only. British minimum diameter ball is 4.11 cm, for the United Kingdom, Canada and international organizations use the golf tournament. Leather bags are mostly club, about 8 inches diameter, a good club bags should have a smooth home bar, smooth texture, firm and so the overall framework.

3. Select the appropriate course
General choice of golf courses in the area with the natural terrain. Therefore, an important principle of design is adapted to local conditions, clever use of terrain is the original program design, full use of the original Chen Ling, mountains, lakes, woodlands and other natural landscape, and Gore requested the stadium race combined to minimize earthwork, integrated planning and design.

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