The most famous game protagonist in the history of games

By: Hayden

"Change and innovation" are the theme to survive in this world forever, and even many characters of the classic games are also the same. These classic roles have been popular more than 10 years, completed a magnificent turn from the NES era, N64 era, or from the PS era to the HD era.
Some game may not be successful, but at least the game is extended the life cycle, and allows us to experience a whole new side. Today first read the five important roles.
1. Dante - "Devil may cry 5 / DMC: Devil May Cry"
It is perhaps the most controversial transformation, but you cannot deny his success.
Old version: in the game, the character is the Kamiya Hideki did their best to create the character in order to get rid of the "Resident Evil" mode. Dante with cool white hair, has a supramaximal sword, and wears large red leather. Everything shows the word "cool" in the eyes of Kamiya Hideki.
New version: Capcom announced in 2010, the brand new "DMC: Devil May Cry" will be outsourced to Ninja Theory studio to produce. New Dante's image has been released, triggering a huge controversy, but players who have played, at last, evaluated it pretty good, and all accept the younger version of Dante.
2. Lara Croft - "Tomb Raider 1996 / 2013"
17 years are a short span, but the most classic role of women is still standing in the history.
Old version: in game history, the most recognizable faces, although the angular, still cannot stop the players loving her. After all, at that time the "Tomb Raider" opened up a whole new era. Any game involving "sexy" article must mention the Laura.
The new version: similar to "Devil May Cry 5", brand new Laura returned to the young time, the new version of" Tomb Raider "Laura will expand in-depth analysis of the first adventure. This time, Laura looks like a real woman, her sexy and strong personality will not be reduced at all.
3. Needles Kane - "Full Throttle / Full Throttle: Black"
The old version: a more classic but less prominent personality "horror clown" image, knows not much about his background story.
New version: As a sign of the most horrible role in the world, most of violent games rank this man as the first one in the list. Needles Kane has been shown many years, but what makes it really different from the other devils on the list is his story in the latest "Full Throttle". In the game, he tells the story of how cruel he killed his family, now carries out the task to kill his last relative, his sister. A task to kill his whole family, we can't imagine how this person is, but he killed the family because of the crazy after buying ice cream, also dressed like a crazy clown. He is extremely terror.
4 King Kong - "Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong country"
A role is earlier famous than Mario.
The old version: in that pixelated era, King Kong was born before Mario. That time Mario was a bad guy, dropped vat from the top to obstruct Donkey Kong; what about Donkey Kong? Do everything we can to climb for the beauty.
The new version: Mario stood up and did the master. King Kong naturally cannot be compared with the mainstay of Nintendo. Came to King Kong in the era of HD, bring a small King Kong and a handsome tie. Participate in various racing, and sports, successful transformation into a shiny supporting role.
5. Sonic - Sonic the Hedgehog / Sonic Series
The old version: In the era when Mario was popular, the role is designed and created by Sega to confront
Nintendo ruled role, in the beginning of the birth instantly swept the globe. At that time, the 2D screen has been considered to be very good, and the sonic wind speed, called the favorite animal characters of people.
New version: Although Sega has already passed their prime, Sonic still come to the next generation following other roles. Now the sonic fame and sales cannot contend with Mario, but still exist as classic role.

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