The kinds of tools used by an Emergency Locksmith

By: Asam Bienvenue

Skilled in the art and science of creating, installing, repairing and defeating locks, an emergency locksmith uses a significant amount of tools to go about his or her work. Whilst many of these tools can generally be used on any number of locks, there are some tools that are produced for use with specific types of lock.
All of these tools are probably used at some point by an emergency locksmith over the course of a working week. Allowing a locksmith to go about his or her daily routine in a more efficient manner, these tools are absolutely invaluable.
But what specific tools might an emergency locksmith use?
Well, an emergency locksmith is likely to be dealing with many different types of locks every day, and will therefore probably use a number of tools. Here are just a few of the tools that may or may not be used:
Pick Gun - Also referred to as a snap gun, this particular tool enables a locksmith to gain access to a property via a cylinder lock, without needing to have a key. Much easier to use than a traditional lock pick - something that requires a significant amount of skill to work with - a pick gun will fire a metal rod inside a lock. This metal pin will force all of the pins in the lock upwards, which in-turn frees the cylinder - enabling it to be turned with a tension wrench.
An emergency locksmith might use this tool when a customer has locked their keys in their house, or alternatively if they've lost them and, as a result, find themselves locked out. Electric pick guns are also widely available in the modern era.
Lock Pick Kit - Featuring an extensive range of lock picks - designed to fit locks of all types - a pinning kit is likely to be one of a locksmith's most basic, but important tools. An emergency locksmith, for example, might have a range of tumbler and pin picks in their pinning kit.
Many of the lock picks included in a lock pick kit are indistinguishable at a glance; because of this most locksmiths ensure that each one is colour-coded - so that they can discern with relative ease which lock pick is designed to work with which particular type of lock.
Again an emergency locksmith might use a lock pick kit to help those who find themselves locked out regain access to their property.
Key Extractor Set - Many people, on a daily basis, accidentally break their keys whilst they're in the door. In order to remove the broken section from a lock a locksmith might use a key extractor set.
Barring its size, a key extractor itself looks no different to a pair of pliers. Small enough to get inside the lock and with enough grip to be able to remove the key, the key extractor plays an important role during the average working day of an emergency locksmith.
An emergency locksmith might use a key extractor set to remove the broken section of a key from a lock. They then might cut a new key to provide the homeowner with renewed access to their home.

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An average locksmith is likely to use a whole range of tools during the average day. This article looks at the specific tools an emergency locksmith might use.

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