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By: william benn

We all know, whichever office we join there is some sort of politics going on in there. Either it is a big enterprise or a small business. There have been always corporate politics in the office that keeps the atmosphere of the office alive and induces a killing instinct among coworkers to acquire power.
As we all know, politics is defined as, to acquire, manage and distribute power. And in corporations same is the case. Although this is at the very small level but the theology is always the same. That is, to get to the top most position.
Even many new corporations who are just born and are enriching themselves also have corporate politics going on in their offices. And sometimes this office politics start in so small matters that it looks like a waste to even discuss them. But for your information and to avoid that in future I will be showing some ways and the points on which politics normally start.
As we all know and have experienced home politics, that is who will keep the remote during the match? Who will decide the picnic spot and so on? Same like that in office when it comes to changing logo design and the interior of the office, there is a team leader among office workers who talks to boss about changing the logo and things like that.
Here, I will be posting the obvious examples and how logo online corporations can avoid them.
Observe the environment:
When you got a job in an office, try to understand the behavior and overall environment of the office. I assume that will going to be your office for quite a few days so it’s better to adjust in there with the coworkers. And find out, who acts how?
Socialize but don’t join:
It’s better to stay out of the main political stream, but at the same time to socialize with your Co worker’s.
I said not to join because you in the first stage are not familiar with the overall office atmosphere. And there are changes that you may end up at the bad side of your boss (which, you will not want).
Be aware of the tactics and double faces:
In office politics people have different motives. And some people are double faced; they will be good towards you and will backbite at your back. Try to stay aware of them.
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