The freestanding baths for the ultimate experience

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I think best in a hot bath, with my head tilted back and my feet up high, wrote the author of Mr. Wrong, Elizabeth Jane Howard. And how aptly right is she. Laying in one of the stylishly designed freestanding baths, with fragrant candles lit and soft music streaming from afar, sipping from a glass of wine you wander into a stream of thoughts- life is bliss. The existences of whirlpool baths and the kinds alike have not only made taking bath an affordably luxurious affair but, have also evolved as a small corner for yourself to spend some quality self time too.

The freestanding baths are usually made up of resin stone, a popular kind most used nowadays because of its shine, hardness and durability. They are called free standing because the many models of the bath tub stands on four legs and thus is mobile. The models that do not have leg stands have curved corners on all the four sides or stands at the bottom that allow them to be moved from one place to another. Most used during the Victorian age, they have made a steady come back and fit the bill of the current day market. Simple double end tubs, the whirlpool baths look minimalist yet stylish and create a statement of their own.

Approved CE and EN acrylic, the freestanding baths are usually white in colour and the legs can be beautifully adorned too. These tubs suit all wall colours and can be decorated with designer taps and hand showers. The water in the tub stays warmer 60% longer because of the use of thermal sheets in the body of the tub. Thus, after a days hard work, dipping yourself into one of the whirlpool baths with a pinch of bathing salts added into the water can rejuvenate you in minutes. Add the different kinds of electric or normal showers, mirrors, steaming essentials and beauty and skin care products for a complete care.

The whirlpool baths are worth a buy because they have a jet flow that relaxes your tired and tensed muscles and helps in blood circulation. The continual flow heals body ache and loosens tensed bundle of nerves. They are great for kids and senior citizens because the hyperactive lifestyle of the kids need such a bath that soothes their body and can put them to a deep slumber. And, aging people who usually suffer from body pain will find the much needed relaxation in the freestanding baths.

Imagine your bathroom decked with the one of the freestanding baths, which can be easily availed online with flat attractive discounts and a global carting facility, equipped with a 6 or 12 whirlpool jet system and underwater colour lights treating you to ultimate relaxation. Such a shower in the whirlpool baths is therapeutic. You can adjust the speed of the stream and the temperature of the water just the way it suits you. So, give your body the much-needed relaxation and dive into the ecstasy of feeling new with each shower.

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Gift yourself some affordable yet relaxing luxury by buying the freestanding baths. Most widely bought, the most rejuvenating is a whirlpool baths.

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