The first BlizzCon tickets on sale

By: Hayden

Blizzard announced this year, sponsored by the official Carnival activities are scheduled to be held on November 8th and 9. Tickets will be divided into two batches of sales, including the first batch will be the United States Pacific daylight-saving time the evening of April 24th 7th to April 27th 10 a.m. on sale, priced at 175 dollars.
Foreign media speculation that this year's Carnival activities will be the latest progress of exhibition many heavyweight of the game, including:

1 "Diablo 3": the PS3 version will probably announce the listing date, the PS4 version might be released details of changes, also do not eliminate the Microsoft console login next generation may. In addition, the PC version is expected to usher in an important new patches and the first piece of information.In accordance with the consistent style of Blizzard, this is very likely to achieve, because the PC version of the game has been on sale for a long time. Although this blizzard released a lot of the host version of news, and Diablo 3 still in through a patch of a larger change, Blizzard may postpone the release of information about the piece of news.

2 "StarCraft 2": at the completion of the development of "heart of the swarm", work teams have started making second piece of information "legacy of the void", until November should have information exposure.

3 "world of Warcraft": certainly will announce a new piece of information.Data sheet like world of Warcraft Blizzard as before, like the heavy news until the carnival announced, let us waiting.

4 "Blizzard All-Stars": this early in the 2010 carnival was first announced, after three years will almost certainly become the focus of this year's Carnival activities.Blizzard would like to in this year's Carnival to show it, and give the game player more details, such as how it is used as a contains micro transactions free game operation, perhaps like other online Dota games.

5 "world of Warcraft" furnace stone legend heroes; this is a published only last month free card games, will begin to open in July, is scheduled to be listed in this year, November Carnival activities must have it.

Because the furnace stone legend is a free electronic game, it makes on-line short time Blizzard can completely in the Beta test later, so I suggest November carnival, the game may have on the line.

6 "Titan" plan: although already secretly developed over the years, but Blizzard is still may choose to remain confidential, not sure if it will debut at this year's Carnival activities.

In May of this year's Carnival has been enough content, Blizzard may not mention project Titan, or maybe we'll get it a little bit of perspective or preview a short. But now who also not dare bet.

In addition, the Carnival public dinner limited edition ticket is scheduled to be in the United States Pacific daylight-saving time in late May 1st 7 sold, priced at $500, the proceeds will be donated to the Orange county children's hospital. Unable to visit the site of the game player can choose to watch free live network, also can buy tickets to watch the advanced virtual broadcast. Blizzard will announce details later.

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