The easiest way to understand the principle of MLM

By: SimonJames

Everyone knows of Avon, and our lovely representatives, but there is another element to Avon that some people are not aware of. Avon offers a multi level marketing opportunity to all through it’s Sales Leadership programme.
The easiest way to understand the principle of MLM and Avon Sales Leadership is to think of it in terms of a family tree. You are the “head of the family”, and anyone who joins your team will become what we call your downliners or the first generation of your family. In time, your downliners will find their own team, and your family will continue to grow through the generations. As in nature, a family will have information passed down through the family, which will make it stronger and thrive, and MLM is no different. You will coach and train your own downliners, so they eventually will have the same knowledge as you. This is when the you have achieved the goal of multi level marketing, replication. This means you are not alone in your hard work, you will have others working with you, which will unlock a residual income for you. A successful replicatable team, with a lucrative residual income is the aim for all entrepreneurs working in any MLM company.
Having said that, an Avon career, or any other MLM opportunity is not a get rich quick scheme. Just as any other business, it takes hard work, determination and the right attitude to succeed, and this success will come to you after years, not months of hard work and role model behaviour. Your business not only relies on you, but also relies on every member of your team playing their relatively modest parts. Then the some of these small parts, will add up to more than the whole.
Multi level marketing is not to be confused with pyramid selling or other similar schemes. MLM has a similar shape to a pyramid, but in MLM, each generation is independent and can outgrow his or her sponsor.
Napoleon said, “Ability is of little account without opportunity”. Avon and an Avon career will give you this opportunity, and you will be able to use your skills to build your own business. Working for yourself is so much more fulfilling than being employed, Avon Sales Leadership is the best decision we ever made. If you would like to run your own business, with virtually zero upfront costs, this is the opportunity for you. You can join our quickly expanding successful team, by applying to

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