The dangers of Alcoholics

By: Max Luke

People that are said to be suffering from alcoholism are found to have an abnormal craving for alcohol. Such individuals are also commonly known as alcoholics.There is no country that does not take the issue of alcoholism seriously. Because of their inability to control their drinking obsessions, the lives of alcoholics are negative affected. Alcoholics suffer job losses, problems in their relationships and the social stigma associated with such states. What the cause of alcoholism might be has been a source of intense debate. Although concrete proof is yet to be found, many researchers are convinced that the factors such as social, psychological and genetic all contribute to its development. The problem of alcoholism can be cured with effective rehabilitation.

In medical circles alcoholism is not a word that is commonly used. Instead simpler and shorter terms are used in defining the level of alcohol.Light drinking disorders are referred to as problem drinking or alcohol abuse whilst more severe cases are classified as Alcohol depenedence.

Individuals that are associated with Alcohol dependence are found to possess a strong urge to continue drinking even when this act is clearly shown to be affecting their way of life. They are so used to alcohol that they are unable stop drinking. For such individuals the occasional periods of sobriety are associated with severe withdrawal symptoms like nausea, sweating, and anxiety. Their body's tolerance for alcohol also increases causing them to drink more.

Statistics put the number of people suffering from alcohol at well over 76 million.

Studies in genetics have provided strong evidence that the genes of an individual contribute to the likelihood of him becoming dependent on alcohol. In the cases of identical twins for example, the chances of the second party developing into an alcoholic when the first is shown to be one is found to be high. These findings have led to the growing call to treat and view the issue of alcoholism as a disease.

A decline in health is yet another side effect of alcohol dependence. For example, regular use of alcohol has been shown to cause damage to the heart muscle. A dependence on alcohol will also result in a steady deterioration of the human liver. When alcohol is drank by a pregnant woman, she exposes her child to the possibility of being born with fetal alcohol syndrome. In large enough quantities, drinking alcohol will result in death.

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