The characters and the novel RYSE: Son of Rome

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Microsoft and Crytek Studios have taken the San Diego Comic Con to announce new details about the characters RYSE: Son of Rome, One Xbox exclusive

The San Diego Comic Con is always a good place to elaborate on games or movies that are coming. Taking the stage, Microsoft and Crytek Studios revealed the characters who will RYSE: Son of Rome. Also Microsoft also announced a new graphic novel inspired by the game, RYSE: Sword of Damocles, which is now available for download through the Xbox website.

In RYSE: Son of Rome follow Marius Titus, a young soldier who must avenge the murder of his family to hand barbarians. While rising through the ranks of the Roman army, his quest for vengeance will take you to the shores of Britain and finally to the heart of Rome.

Marius is a soldier with a strong sense of duty that is completely dedicated to Rome and its ideals. During Ryse: Son of Rome fight to rid the empire of its external enemies and internos.Vitallion is a wise and charismatic General has served Rome for decades. Marius is the mentor who educates about the limits of power.

Nero, emperor of Rome, struggling to maintain his grip on power by promoting their children Basillius Comfortable and starting to take power to control Britain. Nero feels threatened and retaliates against anyone who stands against them.

Comfortable and Basillius: They are the sons of Emperor Nero Comfortable governs Britain, is seen as a god and his government is characterized by great repression. While Basillius, the youngest son of Nero, sports in the Colosseum with gladiator fights and terrorizing keeping slaves in his harem.

Boudica is the daughter of King Oswald, the prince of the British. Strong and durable, hates Rome because under the rule his people suffer. Boudica is a woman of principle and is willing to go to the ends of the world to save his people for what will bring an army against Roma.Glott, enigmatic leader of the Northern barbarians. Very little is known about him except that he is very independent. He faces the Romans and King Oswald.

The Spirit Gods: Immortal Spirit, which oversees mankind Marius guide. Appears in mortal form, but radiates an otherworldly aura. Another spirit is Aquilo, seeks the destruction of Rome for what was going to ally with their enemies.

As for the novel, RYSE: Sword of Damocles, reading and interaction with it unlock collectibles that can be exchanged in the game with the launch of bonds to provide us with an advantage in multiplayer.

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