The better ways for cleaning your upholstery

By: Holly Madison

Cleaning had been essentially one of the major daily chores in most houses. Cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen, regular vacuuming of the floor or calling a carpet care professional are the regular cleaning schedules in any household. But cleaning the upholstery in our home always slips out of the mind which is equally essential for maintaining the interior of your home.

Upholstery cleaningis the gentlest cleaning techniques.The technicians need to be extremely sound and knowledgeable about what type of cleaning and solution he would require for cleaning the variety of fibres available for upholstery. Most families spend great deal of time on the couch having dinner, watching TV, playing reading a book. Imagine how much dirt and grime one would have left behind? It's a fact that our favourite couches and chairs accumulate a great deal of dirt, body oils, sweat, food spills, dust mites, pet dander.

Upholstery cleaning comes to our rescue in such hours of need. The various techniques of upholstery cleaning are whipped detergent, vacuum and softly brush the upholstery every week, water cleaner, shampoo cleaner and three per cent hydrogen peroxide.

The cleaning detergent applied in the whipped detergent techniquehas very low moisture foam because of which drying times are ultra-fast.This leaves no requirement for other drying aids such as heaters or blowers. Fabrics are left in almost ready-to-use condition. There is no danger of over wetting and consequent damage to the contents. Counter rotating brushes ensures that no distortion to the fabric weave occurs. Thus the finest fabrics and even leather can be cleaned with confidence.

Assessing what needs to be done for the care of your upholstery will help you have an idea about exactly what service would fit your upholstery treatment. Also, one need to take a note of what materials is his upholstery made of to take a note of the procedures that could be off perfect help for him.

Removal of stains is the next important step in upholstery cleaning. This step may take a while, especially if a stain was hidden between cushions or if you haven't washed your upholstery in a while and if the stain is quite sticky. After the stains are removed, one would want to use a cleaner exclusively designed for cleaning upholstery.

There are several different application methods. You can use a carpet cleaner that has an upholstery attachment. You can also apply the cleaner with a cloth and let it air dry. The method will certainly depend on the type of product you choose. Using an electric carpet cleaner may be the easiest because it is designed to remove any excess suds so you don't need to do an extra step.

Letting the upholstery to dry is an essential process for your upholstery care, as this will ensure that no bacterial or fungus growth takes place. Good ventilation in your room is also equally essential for the purpose of retarding the growth of moulds and mildews. A dehumidifier in the room where the upholstery is drying would not be a bad idea to care your upholstery.

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