The best way to start persuasion is by being confident

By: william benn

Persuasion is an art and effective persuasion is only known by some. Those ‘some’ are normally known as the copywriters for ad agencies.
For example, notice this ad by Move N Pick, ‘People say we are expensive, wrong, we are very very expensive.
Can you feel the intensity of this ad, just like this ad there are other many successful ads. But do you know how they become successful? They became successful because the writers who wrote those ads knew the art of persuading the minds of people.
But a question that arises here is, how do you persuade the minds of people? As an answer, I will be posting some examples below:
1. Confidence is everything:
The best way to start persuasion is by being confident. If you are confident in what you are saying, then others will surely get influenced.
Confidence is not just being confident and saying that thing that you want people to listen to.
2. Provide evidence:
People will only believe you if you have evidence. People have a tendency to deflect anything that comes their way if they can’t find any authenticity in it. Evidence is also very helpful to use as a witness in your discussion.
With evidence and confidence you can influence people.
3. Rude people:
There are many rude people who will still do not agree with what you are saying. They prefer being skeptical and only will agree with you if you give them proof.
4. Learn their psychology:
People do not actually believe another person if something is against what they already know. There are two things that can make them change their point. One is to use a more knowledgeable person second is to question what they know and squeeze them up with their own knowledge.
Con artists use both these techniques to make people accept anything they throw at them.
5. Frame it in positive:
Whatever you do you will have to frame the word in a positive way. Because when you frame something in negative people will not accept it and think that you are exaggerating the facts. The best way to let people agree with you is by asking them two questions about what they feel and then making them according to your own fact.

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