The benefits of salt therapy

By: Efrain Espinoza

Salt therapy is a unique and path-breaking holistic therapy that treats chronic and viral conditions affecting respiratory, dermatological, emotional, metabolic disorders symptomatically and non-invasively. The centuries-old therapeutic goodness of salt is since well-researched and ably documented medically. It's offshoot in today's world is Halotherapy (coined from Greek word 'Halo" meaning 'salt') or Salt Treatment and enjoys a commendable status. Salt caves and mines, which are its origin, are recreated functionally at various wellness and rehabilitation centres, spas, health resorts, hotels, etc. successfully. This therapy is an accessible, convenient method in treating respiratory, bronchial, allergic conditions in a spa-like, cosy environment. The entire process is conducive to induce unwinding, relaxation, soothe and relieve stress in a therapeutic setting over music. In case of children, it's more fun-like by providing them with toys and giving them the freedom of mobility with all the goodness of healing physical, mental and emotional disorders in a safe, drug-free way. There's no risk of overdosing, ever!

It's trusted to walk hand-in-hand with regular medical treatment concomitantly. The long-term benefits are manifold in preventing, rehabilitating and building immunity. Clinical research has also shown positive long-term results in:

1. Regulating and maintaining body's water content, alkaline/acidity, blood pressure

2. Minimizing proneness to kidney and gall stones

3. Abating cravings leading to addiction, e.g. in the case of tobacco consumption, smoking

4. Activating kidneys into passing out the excess acidity

5. Even prevention and treatment of cancer or regenerating the skin.

What's even better is to learn that practically all ages, six month upwards, can benefit from the therapy. Allergies including E.N.T. issues get benefited by salt treatment. That too much salt is not good for anyone is well-known. However, one is not ingesting the salt in this case so it does not pose a health hazard.

It's all about breathing in concentrated vapourized micro-saline aerosols circulating in the filtered ventilated air maintained at desired setting in a sterile, cosy and therapeutic environment. Though varying in size, nevertheless, these miniscule particles get negatively ionized and energize motion to reach the inner cores of passageways and take on the role of an expectorant to decongest and loosen stubborn mucus to dislodge and attack nestling inflammation and any harmful bacteria and cleanse the system. At the same time, they work on the whole body to initiate the healing process in skin ailments or allergies, reduce inflammation, and regulate mineral balance in the body.

Each session lasts for 45 minutes. In chronic situations, 12-25 sessions within a span of 4-8 weeks and for viral and sporadic ailments 3-8 sessions within a span of1-2 weeks starts a beneficial process of building immunity, thus reducing dependency on prescription drugs and its accompanying side-effects. And last, but not the least, gives you more restful sleep that sets the ball rolling for physical, mental and emotional well-being with all the goodness of natural course of treatment and with no side-effects lurking around the corner.

At home, as a remedial measure, salt inhalers, salt baths, salt candles or a pillow can also provide relief.

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These are some awesome salt therapy benefits. Salt therapy has been used for hundreds of years in Eastern Europe as a non-invasive, non-medical, side effect free therapy for a complete relaxation experience. Click on this link to know more!

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