The World History of Lingerie

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English can be translated underwear Lingerie, is so full of underwear because in ancient times by the system of thin linen, and hemp is a French Linge, so there Lingerie.

Back in ancient China, already the earliest woven linen, and its density is 10 / cm, but then underwear and outerwear is little difference, but the original cover them, use warm. 4000 years ago, the linen had reached 24 / cm, with the X ancestor’s silk dissemination of technology, different from the coat increasing function of underwear called Tee and Guodu and so on. From "Wearing Ladies" in the low-cut chiffon embroidered shirt, we see a woman in Tang Dynasty, "Xie Yi"; and "The West Chamber" Women in the Song Dynasty, the Tube, including Guodu, a child band around the neck, and a diamond in the breastplate, offer all kinds of cover from the atmosphere, thousands of charm. But China, after all, a conservative nation, until the late Qing Dynasty, into China with the Foreign Gauze and Cloth, Western bras really perform in China on women's body type. Corset

Underwear is a hazy, were hidden, at the time, to express the shy introverted beauty, love and hope for good performance. Especially in the private sector, the performance of the ancient Chinese underwear more elegance and romance, body language through the underwear to lips more imagination and creativity, to add a lot of Chinese clothing culture, lively and graceful. Under Cover has been translated into underwear or Under Wear, since 1983 this is the language of the fashion industry.

It includes the corset (Corset), bra (Bra Cup), pinched waist (Waist Nipper), with chest tights (All-in-one), vest-style skirt (Camisole), short-waist (Short), and many other species. Corset originated in ancient Rome. In the 16th century, as well as iron, wood corset system, when the woman can be described as severely. Until the Crusades, the use of textile technology with the development of the late 16th century began to use the whale bang, wire, rattan, etc. to make tights. 30 years in the 16th century, when the weapon is fashion garters, corsets and panniers, Westerners see the importance of underwear. Understanding of its function not only to cover them warm, but more intended to shape the body curve.

Underwear is also designed to be very complex, wearing underwear, can take several hours. To the Royal government period (1804-1825), the corset has become simplified. Base Er period (1870-1890), underwear manufacturers have become more beautiful, lace, silk, chiffon full use, but the body sculpting underwear requirement has gradually fade out, because it was found in the zonal wire bras on the human body respiratory good. In 1900, Charlotte had health stays. In 1907, more relaxed constraints on the waist. To 1910, the location of underwear to hip line longer than 10-40 cm is appropriate. Elastic fabric with wide application in the clothing, underwear became more and more comfortable and easy to wear. 40 years of this century, became popular strapless bra. Advancement of women in the United States --- 50,60 years time. High-heeled shoes, slender bar, flat belly and a round hips are a sign of feminine beauty at that time. Tight-fitting underwear and bra shapes appear, which the predecessor of today breast augmentation bra is. --- 70s women's underwear "dark age." Burn the bra, do not gloss over women, and all the men in line. Simple and comfortable, practical and it became the basic norms of women's underwear. Coveralls underwear "Body" a generation of fashion.

Female beauty is that people really accept, causing a large growth in consumption underwear, underwear design has been restored and Everbright. Design bolder, exposed, making women more beautiful. 90 --- "Second skin" era. With the constant renewal of underwear, people are increasingly seeking new technology products, cotton products, is no longer a single people's needs. "Microfibre" (micro-fiber) is the universally recognized as the "second skin" fabrics, women's underwear in the history of glory. In 1997, DuPont introduced revolutionary ultra-high-quality elastic fibers Lycrasoft, both close to the body to make underwear, and no binding, stretch freely.

Women really can be beautiful in shape comfortably. Today, what is the concept of the new philosophy of underwear it? The purpose of pop and soft V-shaped low-cut design (Low-Cut), and by creating too sexy lace decoration and underwear had not amount to anything. Modern underwear not only brought attention to the temptation of feeling, it brings more attention to health care, body shape, and this is the popular melody.

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