The Way to Effective Press Writing

By: Elisa Whealer

If the responsibility of doing the press writing falls on your lap, you may feel overwhelmed as you have not done this before. You start to think: This is one of those times, when that part of my job description which states that it will include all other tasks that may be assigned to me, will hold true.
But do not panic. Many successful people started from scratch. They perservered and they endured any task given to them and later turned out very productive in their tasks. So you are not the only one undergoing the pain of a neophyte. Once you ease up your thoughts, let go of your anxieties.
So how do you start with press writing? First you must know what is press writing. From the phrase itself, press writing, it means writing for the press. Therefore you are writing and putting together information in your content for the sole purpose that the press will find it interesting and exciting enough for them to write is as news.
Press writing will require you to research thoroughly about your company. You must be aware of all the good things happening around your company, the new products and the specialized services your company offers, other notable achievements and even its historical performance. Include any significant aspect that will stir genuine interest among the press.
These events will be subject of your writing, which you give out or distribute, hoping media will take the bait and give you the publicity your business needs.
Now, since you are not yet sure how to go about this in detail. Let us go through the steps to get you going with your assigned tasks.
Your Guide: Press Writing Steps
1) Gather your thoughts and analyze the best angle on how to present your business in your writing so as to produce attention and attraction to the media. Your main concern is to make your content be accepted as news, hot and exciting- worthy for the press to write about.
2. Get the details of the story. Get your facts straight and record them. You will need this to be able to provide the needed details on your press release. Dont leave anything to chance, and keep your facts ready. Journalists, if they should wish to, will at time call you to ask for more details.
3) Photos can speak volumes. Have some photos relevant to your story ready. The press usually add photos in their news to catch the attention of the readers and to make the news more alive. Choose photos that are sure to win more readers, meaning good quality and consistent to your story.
4. Do not divert from standard format requirements. Abide by the media's rule. If you have no idea, go online and check out the online forms for press release. They could vary slightly but mainly they are about the same formatting.
5. Write it right. Aside from writing the release according to format, write it with style as well. Make it interesting. In the release, you are delivering an important message"and you can always make it enjoyable for your audience to read, along with being informative.
More Points to Consider with Press Writing
If you seem stuck with your press writing, it will benefit you so much if you avail of the knowledge and expertise of those professionals experienced in this area. Another learning venue is the Internet. Online are found so many resources that can pave the way to easy press writing. If further learning is desired to heighten your knowledge, you can go to local bookstores or libraries and read about it.
However this will go, look at it as a learning opportunity for you. So while you are at it, make the best of it and give it all you've got. If you succeed in getting good results, you know you deserve it.
The next time around, you know what to do. Not only can you make press releases, but ones that can actually deliver.

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