The Wallace Organization And The Power Of $1

By: Robert Thomson

Send Gift and Upgrade.

The Send Gift and Upgrade page is where you can send a cash gift to your sponsor. If you upgrade past your sponsors membership level, then you will send your cash gift to the next higher qualified member in your upline group instead.

The gift and the admin fee will be sent to GitfingBux. Once you have completed the payment process through AlertPay,your sponsor (or higher qualified member) will receive your gift the next day and you will be upgraded to the next level.

REMEMBER. When you send your cash gifts and fee,they will total up and go to Gitfing Bux.Members that have pending earnings will be paid out the next day. Cash gifts are paid out daily.

There are a maximum of 5 membership levels. You cannot skip levels. There is a $1.50 admin fee to level. The cost to send your gift is:

Level 1 = $1
Level 2 = $5
Level 3 = $10
Level 4 = $15
Level 5 = $20

You can only receive gifts from the level you are on or below. You can never receive gifts on levels above you.

Referrals will continue to send you gifts every time they upgrade.

For Example.

You are level 3
You invite Tom, and Tom upgrades to level 1 (You get $1)
Tom upgrades to level 2 (You get $5)
Tom upgrades to level 3 (You get $10)

Once you are level 5 you will be able to receive gifts from all levels.


In the Profile page, you will be able to edit your details on your account. You will be able to change your password, your contact email address,and your AlertPay email address.

You can also view your membership level, and your sponsor here.

If you did not receive a verification e-mail an hour after you signed up, you may request another one to be sent to your contact email address in Profile.

If you do not see the "Resend Verification" link at the bottom of the page,then your account has already been verified.


In the Promote page,we give you tools to use to promote your referral ID. We have different types of banner ads, and we also have e-mail ads you can use.

We will keep adding banners and e-mail ads from time to time.


In the Statisctics page you will be able to see your total earnings for the day,your direct referrals,and how many indirect referrals you have on each level.

You can only see information from your direct referrals only.

Name = referrals name

Userid = referrals user name

Membership Level = referrals membership level

Came From (Tracking Url)= This is to see where your referral came from. If your referral came from a post you put in a forum,then that forums URL will be posted there.

If it is blank then the chances are that it didn't pick up the URL correctly, or you got a random referral if your level 5.

Referral System.

Your 1st level or direct referrals are the members you personally referred into Gifting Bux.

Any members on the 2nd 10th level are your indirect referrals.
Your 2nd level referrals are the members that your direct referrals brought in,your 3rd level referrals are the members that your 2nd level referals brought in.

It goes all the way down to 10 levels.

Example on how gifts can get passed to you.
You are level 3

You refer Tom,and he upgrades to level 1 (You get $1)
Tom refers Bob, and Bob upgrades to level 1 (Tom gets $1
Bob upgrades to level 2 before Tom (You get $5)

The reason you got that gift instead is because Tom was still level 1 when bob upgraded to level 2.

Tom passed his gift up to a higher qualified member.
Marketing Resources

The Marketing Resources page will give you an idea on how and where to promote at. This page is updated from time to time.


This is where you can download our free digital products. You must be at least membership level 1 to access the downloads on this page. The quality of the products will increase as your membership level increases.


If you have any questions, please submit a support ticket on the "Support" page.

For Full Details Visit.

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