The Varied Applications of Activated Charcoal across Industries

By: Samuel Arnold

Activated charcoal is essentially a form of carbon that has been processed to make it very permeable and porous. This processing makes it a very superior adsorbent that can be used across several industry sectors. It is also referred to as activated carbon.
This adsorbent is also widely used in purification and filtration purposes.

This article shall give you an overview of the various industrial sector-wise applications of this adsorbent:

• Chemical sector: It can be used for carrying catalysts for various chemical reactions. In addition, it is also successfully used as an agent for recovery of precious metals, such as gold. Amine purification operations and solvent recovery also depend on this adsorbent. Industrial oil needs to be properly purified before it can be used, and many industries prefer to use activated carbon in order to purify industrial oil.

• Environmental and air purification applications: Suspended particulate matter in the affects its ambient quality. Hence, to purify air and rid it of the sub-micron size particulate substances, activated charcoal is widely used. In fact, that’s also the reason why this material is used for making breathing masks. It also finds wide-ranging applications in the water filtration systems, thus removing material and bacterial impurities from water. Similarly, it is also applied for groundwater remediation, before it can be put to use.
• Health-related uses: For well over a century now, activated carbon has found applications in treating indigestion and flatulence. It is also believed to be an antidote to poisoning because it binds to poison, thus saving the life of a person who has been poisoned. Several pharmaceutical companies manufacture activated carbon in the form of oral medicine. You will often find it in the emergency departments of hospitals.

• Food and beverage processing: Since this adsorbent is known for its de-colorization and purification abilities, it is used widely in purifying beverages such as fruit juices, wines and certain other types of alcohol. It is also useful for deodorization of a variety of drinks. Just as industrial oil can be purified with activated charcoal, similarly edible oil can also be clarified using this adsorbent. Cane and corn sugar can also be de-colorized using this material. In fact, a number of cigarette filters also contain activated carbon.

• Purifying gases: A wide variety of gases can be purified when filters containing activated carbon are integrated in the filtration process. And, it can also be applied for eliminating hydrocarbons from the immediate vicinity. Similarly, different types of odors, vapors and harmful gases can be successfully adsorbed using this material. The impurities get trapped in the adsorbent, and the air passes through.

There are several different industrial and commercial-use products that are manufactured using activated charcoal.

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