The Un-Sales Pitch For Your Home Networking Business

By: Carin Davis

No one likes a sales pitch. They can detect a pitch coming at them from a mile away. And normally they run away as fast as they can. No one wants to be pitched a business with a hard sell. It shows you have little regard for their space and time.

A better style is the un-sales pitch. The un-sales pitch is all about providing useful information to help others which creates trust and increases your traffic. When you first start talking to someone it should be your goal to get to know the person, ask them about their business or what their goals are of starting a business, get them engaged and talking to learn what's important to them. You intend to build a relationship that will bring more referrals, instead of one quick sale or turning them off so they leave feeling pressured.

Most people have reservations about home businesses because they believe the opportunity is nothing but a scam. Approaching people with a hard sale either through warm or cold leads, can actually lead to no sign ups. The point of network marketing is to brand yourself as a lead and to develop strong relationships with people. The more information you can provide on your site that is useful to them without trying to get them to join, the more likely they will visit your site more often and eventually join of their own accord.

If you are not sure what to put on your website try writing "how to" articles. People that are in home businesses are always looking for help to grow their business and "how to" articles are a great way to get them to come back to your website on a repeat basis. They will start to follow your articles and become permanent fixtures on your site. Allowing comments to articles is a way to get people talking. Always check your comments section to reply to comments to build a rapport with readers.

Providing useful content or training material will show people how you have been able to build a strong business and they will see that if they follow you they can achieve the same thing. They will have many questions as to how it all works, what they get out of it, how much work they will have to put into it and how much money they can make. There are many questions and concerns people are going to have and it's your job to answer them without adding any pressure. Other concerns may be that they believe they are not good at marketing. Or they live in a small town and don't know a lot of people. If your articles can show them how to simply do it and be successful, you will have a believer.

You can make a lot of money in a home business and the more repeat visitors you have on your website, the better chance you will have at building a large and well educated down line.

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Carin Davis is a master marketer that helps people build their Un-Sales Pitch to grow their businesses. To learn more about the strategies you need to use to get 25+ leads a day visit, Carin Davis's Home Business Training Secrets.

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