The US Treasury has committed to investing in Trillions in securitized loans through March 2010

By: Pia Clark

In an effort to stabilize home values and to get our country moving onward in the direction of positive growth the administration has pumped trillions of dollars into the budget through diverse packages. Some of these programs were designed to spur job creation as well as get credit flowing to the consumer and to keep borrowing costs low for an extended phase of time.

California property owners who are still feeling the financial strain from the decline are having difficulty paying their mortgage, in most cases, and are looking for aid. The difficulty with many homeowners is their credit has taken a hit, their mortgage is under water, they are delinquent on their mortgage, or they simply donít have the equity in their house to refinance, so a home loan mortgage modification is their only option.

Getting a lower monthly payment, for a lot of home owners, would go a long way in getting them back on a more stable financial foundation. Homeowners can benefit from a home loan modification because the monthly mortgage payment for anybody in the home loan modification program is going to be dependent upon their month-to-month income.
Usually, in the home loan mortgage modification program, a homeowner is going to lower their monthly mortgage cost to around 30% of their annual earnings. This would help many homeowners on the edge of defaulting or foreclosure, but there is a extensive process to undertake prior to receiving a home loan modification.

They will have to fill out paperwork and go through a trial modification, which is expected to last about three months however some have been for a longer time, and there are stories of troubles in the modification procedure when dealing with lenders.

Despite the fact that difficulty and frustrations can occur, if you are in need of a home loan modification, talk to you lender and start on the process if you can and if itís appropriate for you. Even if you hit speed bumps along the way, donít get bogged down in the process and keep in mind that a modification may possibly be the thing to save your residence and get you back on your feet.

One such program that has been keeping mortgage interest rates artificially low for some time now is the FEDís mortgage back security (MBS) purchase program. The FED has fully commited to purchasing $1.25 Trillion in mortgage back securities through March 31, 2010. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has continued to reiterate their intent to terminate this program at the end of March which is likely to have a negative consequence on the direction of mortgage interest rates in the near future. We anticipate mortgage interest rates to climb as much as 0.5% to 0.75% by the summer of 2010. Many real estate and mortgage professionals are saying at the moment is the time to purchase or refinance that home. With home values down as much as 50% in some regions, and with mortgage rates as historic lows, and homebuyer tax credits available for both first time and move up buyers, now is a great time to consider buying that home.

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