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By: Daniel Labelle

Are you tired of watching infomercials about the latest fitness trends, all of which make false claims, but never seem to deliver the results you are after? Well, there’s a new fitness/dieting program that is designed to help you shed unwanted fat, lose weight and helps you reveal lean, sculpted abs. This revolutionary new diet and fitness program is called the Truth About Abs and it doesn’t make false claims or promise results that cannot be easily attained.

What is the Truth About Abs?

The Truth About Abs is the #1 ranked abdominals e-book in the world and is available for immediate download. The Truth About Abs e-book educates and instructs consumers how they can sculpt the six-pack they have always dreamed of having.

What Makes the Truth About Abs Program Different than Other Fitness Programs?

In order for the Truth About Abs program to be effective users must make lifestyle changes. Unlike other fitness fads and dieting programs that promise over-the-top results with very little output by the user, the Truth About Abs gives you simple, easy to follow dieting and fitness routines that when used in tandem with one another help you shed unwanted fat and give you the lean sculpted abs you have always wanted.

Who is the creator of the Truth About Abs?

The owner and author of the Truth About Abs is Mike Geary, who is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and body fat reduction specialist. Geary has a background and passion for fitness, and writes for various online and offline fitness publications. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, PA.

What is included in the Truth About Abs program?

You will receive:

- The Truth About Six Pack Abs 149 page eBook (Compatible for viewing with PC or Mac operating systems)
- A Personal Metabolic Calculator
- Free of Charge Subscription to “Lean Body Fitness Secrets” eMagazine
- Free of Charge DVD titled, “5 Keys to Fat Loss” from ex Biggest Loser Trainer, Kim Lyons
- Em-Power, Improve Your Mind 5 Part Audio Series

The Truth About Abs Dieting Approach

The main approach behind the Truth About Abs revolves around diet and eating habits. Geary is a strong believer that lean, sculpted abs are made possible only when you lower the body’s total body fat percentage. Once readers make changes to the way they eat, they will be well on their way to burning fat and losing weight around the mid-section, making it possible to reveal lean, sculpted abdominal muscles.

To give readers a better understanding of the work involved in accomplishing this goal, Geary provides men and women with body fat percentage guidelines. In the Truth About Abs, Geary reveals that men should strive for a body fat percentage of 12% or less and women should strive for a body fat percentage of around 18% or less. In the Truth About Abs Geary also provides readers with helpful meal plans they can prepare on their own. He suggests eating a variety of lean proteins, vegetables and healthy fats. In addition, Geary also teaches users more advanced tricks for burning fat and increasing the resting metabolism rate, which helps users burn even more fat. Geary also provides users with a special list of fat burning foods and a list of foods users should avoid if they are trying to burn fat and sculpt lean abdominal muscles.

The Truth About Abs Workout

While the Truth About Abs does include a variety of abdominal exercises that help to tone up the mid-section, most of the Truth About Abs exercises are targeted to burn total body fat, which is the key to removing the layer of fat that hides the abdominal muscles. As an added bonus, Geary also supplies users with exercise variations, helping to prevent muscle boredom and keep exercise routines fun and effective.

Pros Regarding the Truth About Abs

- The Truth About Abs is easily downloadable via the Internet
- You don’t have to wait for it in the mail
- It’s budget friendly
- Results are attainable by every one regardless of gender
- Low cost trial offer
- The Truth About Abs can be easily maintained
- It’s easy to follow
- Exercises can be done at home, no gym membership required
- Author has a background in fitness and various fitness certifications
- It can be accessed via your computer
- The Truth About Abs uses scientific evidence as the basis to produce results

Cons Regarding the Truth About Abs

- No videos, only photos of some of the exercises
- The Truth About Abs focuses more on diet and eating habits
- No forums for community discussions or feedback from other users regarding how effective the Truth About Abs program is

In Closing

The Truth About Abs is a nonsensical, practical diet and fitness program that helps people shed unwanted fat to reveal lean, sculpted abs. It utilizes scientific evidence as the basis for its approach and doesn’t make false claims or promise users impractical results that are impossible to achieve. Instead the Truth About Abs helps users understand the importance of burning body fat through diet and exercise and how both of these weight loss tools can help them achieve the slenderized, toned midsection they have always wanted.

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