The Trait You Want in a Criminal Lawyer

By: Anastasia Moore

What are you looking for in a criminal lawyer? Surely, there are hundreds of them in Maryland alone. When you need one and are currently looking, you should be able to tell first what traits you want your criminal lawyer to have. Of course, there are plenty of ideal and admirable traits, but not one lawyer can have all them. They can, at most, be good at two or three admirable traits. If there were indeed exemptions, I believe they are a rare breed of criminal lawyers. And I also believe that they can be expensive as heck.

Now, what are these admirable traits that an ideal criminal lawyer must possess? Let us see. First is, of course, the intense knowledge of the law. When your lawyer know all the major loopholes and the twists and turns in the law, you can breathe a little because you know you are in good hands. A criminal lawyer’s superior knowledge of the law can sometimes be a client’s only way of salvation. That one little loophole may just be a small technicality. However, there are a lot of criminal cases that are dismissed because of technicalities. That may seem very hard to do, but a brilliant lawyer can do that.

Next is a solid logic and detective skills. A good criminal lawyer does not rely on the police reports. He or she makes his or her own investigations. That is why a talent in deduction is always a great advantage. The criminal lawyer who possesses that will find the evidence he or she needs no matter what the cost. Yes, that is often dangerous. However, there are really criminal lawyers who will stop at nothing until they get their evidence or witness--all to prove that their argument is the truth.

Another ideal criminal lawyer trait is the ruthless debating skills. When your criminal lawyer is ruthless in the court, that is also a big advantage for you. That kind of trait in a lawyer also display his or her dedication to win an argument and, ultimately, the case. We call teachers with this kind of trait as terror teachers. I believe it is safe to coin that term for criminal lawyers who possess the same trait. We can call them terror criminal lawyers. See? I can feel that you are already intimidated (or worse, scared) by just hearing the pegged term for them. How much more fear can the people inside the same room feel?

I am not saying that you should find a criminal lawyer who possesses all the traits mentioned above. When you think of it, one of these traits can win your case. Looking for the best criminal lawyer (who has all the ideal traits) is a bit overrated. What I am trying to covey is that you decide what kind of specialty in terms of trait you want in a criminal lawyer. You know that the right understanding between the lawyer and the client is probably one of the biggest considerations one has to decide before finally choosing a criminal lawyer.

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