The Top Five Organizers For Christmas Ornament Storage

By: Jackson Rachel

A great deal of time and money is usually spent decorating our homes for the holidays. After investing these resources, we do not want to risk losing our decorations to water damage, breakage, or by misplacing them. The best way to prevent this from happening is to purchase storage containers which are made specifically to store holiday items. It is important to buy enough of these containers to avoid overcrowding your decorations. After carefully packing away your holiday items, placing the storage containers in a safe place.

With the variety of storage containers available, it can be difficult to decide which container you should purchase. Here are some of the containers that you can choose from, as well as some reasons why they are a good choice.
Ornament Storage Boxes - Ornament storage boxes are used to store Christmas tree ornaments. They not only prevent your ornaments from being broken, but they also make it much easier to take down your tree. When you use an ornament storage box, you do not need to wrap your ornaments in tissue or newspaper. Ornament storage boxes are plastic boxes that are divided into smaller partitions. These partitions keep your ornaments from hitting against one another, which can scratch or break your ornaments. The plastic box is extremely sturdy, which allows you to stack your boxes of Christmas decorations on top of each other without the risk of crushing the ornaments.

Christmas Light Storage Box - Christmas lights are a storage nightmare. Christmas lights can easily become tangled and they can be difficult to store. If you manage to remove them from your tree or the outside of your house without tangling them in a hopeless ball, odds are that by next year, they may have found a way to tangle themselves. A Christmas light storage box is a plastic box that contains inserts for your lights. Each insert sits upright in the box, and in slots that run down each side. You remove one of the inserts and wrap a string of lights around it. You then slide it back into the box. By the time you have removed all of the lights from around your home, the storage box may be full, but each set of lights should be tangle free.

Wreath Storage Containers - Boxes made specifically for wreath storage are an excellent addition to Christmas storage. They provide a sturdy home for your wreath so that it is not crushed, and take up little room. A wreath is fragile and they can become damaged very easily. These boxes are an excellent way to prevent them from becoming damaged and they can last much longer.

Regular Plastic Containers- Many of the items that are used for holiday decorations do not have their own storage container. Train sets, stockings, candles and ceramic figurines are all part of the holiday scene, and need to be carefully stored. For these items, you may have to use a regular plastic storage container. These containers are not specifically made for what you are storing in them, so packing is more important. Use as small of a box as possible, and fill any empty space in the box with crumpled newspapers so that your decorations do not slide around.

Plastic Storage Bags - Plastic storage bags are an excellent storage solution for many holiday items. While they should not be used for breakable items, they are a great choice for oddly shaped or sized decorations. Plastic storage bags should not provide any real reinforcement, but can keep the item clean and shielded from sunlight and moisture while it is in storage.

With the combination of these five organizers, you should be able to safely store all of your holiday decorations. They all provide protection for your items from breakage as well as dust and UV damage. Once you purchase these organizational tools, take the time to carefully pack your ornaments, removing hooks before putting them in the ornament box. Make sure that all of your decorations are clean before packing them away. For ornaments that you can wipe clean, use a damp cloth. Soft or cloth items can be cleaned with a gently pass of your hairdryer.

A few extra minutes spent packing away your holiday ornaments can help ease the organizational headache that happens each year during the holiday season. Clean, well-packed ornaments, organized in containers made for the items you are storing, is the best way to ensure that your sentimental favorites make it safely from year to year. Next holiday season you should consider these storage solutions as they can greatly reduce the stress of locating your decorations. Many benefits are provided by properly storing your holiday items and the most important reason is that you can prevent your memorable Christmas ornaments from becoming damaged.

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