The Top Comfort Foods

By: Jamie Turner

Had a rough day at work? Burst through the doors carrying loads of bags and feeling like you just want to curl up in a ball and cry for a bit? We've all been there, and we all know just how much a bad or busy day at work can take it out of you. Rather than just giving up on life though, what you really need to do is find a way to comfort yourself and recover so that you can feel whole again. And what's the best thing for the job? The right food of course... Read on to discover the best comfort foods around and what makes them so good at relaxing us and making the world okay again.


Many people swear by cake as the ultimate comfort food. Cakes area almost always soft and moist to bite into which right away makes them easy to eat and soothing. From there you then also get the delicious taste (cakes are designed to be indulgent) as well as the hit of sugar which is a great way to replenish the energy you've lost from a busy day. This is why we crave sweet things when we're tired - our blood sugar is low and we need to get it back up to power on.

Cake of course isn't known for being particularly healthy, but it needn't be that bad for you. Eat with moderation and choose healthier cakes such as fruit cakes and this is something you can eat on a regular(ish) basis without feeling a lot of guilt.

Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are stimulants so they're great at waking you up and reinvigorating you. What also makes them comforting though is the fact that they're milky/creamy and that you drink them hot. This means you can really nurse a cup of tea and breath in the steam while it soothes you and wakes you. Even better is the fact that you can dip biscuits and cake slices into your tea to make them even more moist.


Cereal is amazingly comforting because you get the milk at the same time as the cereal itself. The milk quenches your thirst, while the cereal itself gives you that sweet flavour and great energy boost. Cereal is also a fairly healthy comfort food that's high in fibre and generally lower in sugar than a lot of other treats, so this means you can enjoy it guilt free.

Rice Pudding

If you're looking for something that will really soothe your throat as well as provide you with sugar, and you enjoy foods with a soft texture, then look no further than rice pudding. It's incredibly soft and very sweet and it won't leave you feeling bloated.


A little more healthy than rice pudding if a little less sweet. Yogurt is great at relaxing again because of its soft texture, but it's also pretty good for your long term health thanks to the fruit that's often included and the natural probiotic properties.

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