The Top 5 Reasons You Need Satellite Radio Now

By: Jim Johnson

Emerging technologies always take some time to get really established and then all of a sudden they just take off and it seems like everyone is using it. Eventually, there comes a time when you can't seem to even remember not using it. CDs and DVDs are a good exampole, as well as cable and satellite TV. Well, one of those new technologies is happening right now and that is satellite radio.

For years we have been used to tuning into our loacl radio stations and putting up with bad reception at times, and ads all the time. But satellite radio is poised to put that all behind us. Here are the top 5 reasons that you need satellite radio right now:

1. More choices, more to listen to. If you tune in to loacl radio you probably don't have more than just a handful of stations that you listen to regularly, simply because there is a small pool of broadcasts made in any given area. Not so on satellite radio. Both XM and Sirius offer more than 100 channels of pure enteratinment including sports, talk, kids programming, and every kind of music that you can imaagine. Always on, available wherever you go.

2. Crystal clear sound. Satellite radio broadcasts are made in digital format, so they are much higher quality than land-based radio. They also aren't prone to the limitations of standard radio. For instance, travel about 30- 50 miles and you will most likely lose your clear reception on almost any radio station. With satellite radio you can travel across the entire US and still have clear, CD-like sound with no interruption.

3. No commercials. How much time do you think you have wasted in life having to listen to ads and commercials on the radio that you really don't care about, just to be able to get the programming that you want? I'll bet it adds up to quite a bit. Imagine not having to put up with those kind of time wasters any more. You get to listen to only what you want to listen to for as long as you want to listen.

4. Unique programming. The standard radio stations are all controlled by the FCC and that means that you can only get certain types of entertainment on them. Howard Stern has famously pushed the boundaries of publicly available radio for some time, and has now sitched to satellite radio as it allows you to have more freedom to listen to whatever programming that interests you.

5. Great for travel. No need to pack up the CD player and all your CDs when traveling to listen to your favorite music, just listen to your satellite radio. No fumbling with tuning in the station or hunting for another one, just set it and forget it. And enjoy!

There are lots of other good reasons for choosing satellite radio for entertainment and information, but whatever reasons you choose, one thing is very clear. If you get satellite radio, you will wonder in just a very short time how you ever got along without it.

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