The Top 5 Home Security System Components

By: Jim Johnson

Advancing technology is making more and more sophisticated home security equipment available to the average person to help them keep their home and family safe and secure. There are a lot of choices to make when setting up a good home security system plan, and here are some of the top security system components that should be considered as you do:

1. Having a basic alarm system that is triggered when someone opens an outside door or window is a great start, but there are ways for experienced burglars to get around such a system. So a very good secondary line of defense in case of a break-in is having motion detectors installed in every room of the home. They can be located in one of the ceiling corners so they are not obtrusive and can have a good view of the entire room. If you are way from home, these are great tools to detect a home intrusion because of the motion inside the house and sound the alarm as needed.

2. Alarm system monitoring services are another significant upgrade to the standard home alarm system. A monitoring service will be connected to your alarm by phone line and if the alarm is triggered they will first attempt to contact you as the homeowner on a predetermined phone number to be sure that the alarm has not been accidentally set off. If they cannot get you they call the local law enforcement to investigate the situation.

3. Adding video cameras to your home alarm system is another great upgrade that can keep you well-informed on all that is going on outside your home at all times. Surveillance video cameras have become so small and durable that they can now be placed outside the home at the most important spots and even be equipped with motion detectors that will sense when movement is taking place in it's protected area. It can then notify you if you are home or just turn on a video recorder to capture the activity if you are absent.

4. A home safe is another valuable home security component. If for some reason thieves do manage to get past all of your security system defenses, a home safe can thwart all their efforts. Burglars do not want to spend a lot of time inside a home as every minute that they are inside increases the possibility that they can be detected and apprehended for their crime. A well placed and solidly installed home safe makes all the hard work and effort that they will have to go through to get into it much harder to justify, and so often prevents the theft of your most valuable possessions.

5. Including other monitoring systems along with your home security system can be very valuable for peace of mind too. Often companies can hook in a fire alarm system to the main alarm too, and if the fire alarm is triggered the appropriate fire station will be notified. Personal and medical alarms can be integrated this way too and that can be especially valuable for those with severe health problems and the elderly who live alone.

Considering these home security components when you either buy or upgrade your existing home security system can enhance your overall home security plans.

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