The Thin Line Separating Confidence and Overconfidence

By: lewis jim

In this material world, be it real or virtual, confidence is the key to success. You might have heard this time and again but a lack of confidence will get you nowhere. Take care not to overdo it though. The difference between confidence and overconfidence is huge, but there is a very thin line separating the two. You need to take care not to cross it.

Confidence is realizing the unique qualities you possess, and being proud of them. Overconfidence emerges when the pride is coupled with arrogance. There is a difference between believing in yourself and underestimating others. Confidence arises when you believe that you are good at something, and overconfidence takes its place when you believe others at bad at the same.

The general traits of normal confident people also differ from their overconfident counterparts. Confidence doesn't induce you to prove anything to anyone. Confident people are certainly not attention seekers. They exude a unique personality which is quite attractive. They have the ability to make even the most boring topics interesting. Socializing is the key to boosting your confidence, and you can expect the confident folks to be overly social. They possess the skill in analyzing the person before them and molding their approach accordingly. Confidence doesn't call for a fake persona. Confident people are authentic in their expressions and are certainly not afraid to speak the truth. You can notice the aura of confidence about them, and it is generally contagious, the reason why other people love interacting with them.

Overconfidence instead usually arises from deep feelings of inadequacy and an inability to cope with life. Arrogance is but a part of overconfidence. Such people are generally boisterous and unnervingly noisy. They tend to involve rage and loudness while proving their point. In most cases, overconfident people also tend to gain a vile joy in making fun of others. But when they become the butt end of some joke, they simply cannot stand it. The all-knowing sneer sometimes defines an overconfident person. Even though selfishness oozes out of their persona, they are not quite happy on the inside.

The aforementioned traits generally define the confident and the overconfident person. However, that doesn't mean that these traits accurately define them. You cannot consider this as a standard while judging a person. Your recent acquaintance may boast a lot about his adventures, but there is a chance that he actually is unbelievably adventurous.

The traits simply help you to draw the line between confidence and overconfidence. They are not inborn. Confidence is not hereditary. You need develop it. You may have noticed many people with increased levels of confidence, so much so that it may seem to have evolved at birth! That is not quite the case though. Each individual is bred in a different environment. Radiators of confidence are simply brought up in a highly social environment. Similarly, overconfidence is also not inborn. But it is easier to fall for overconfidence than it is to embrace confidence, primarily because the former is easier to flaunt!

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