The Ten Best Internet Marketing Strategies

By: Mike Dillard

The best internet marketing strategies are those which have proven time and time again with many internet marketers to produce results. As with anything else how you use these strategies is important. The strategy itself does not produce results; it is a combination of the marketing method, who you market to, and having the best marketing material that make you successful.

If you want to be successful try to implement as many of these best marketing strategies as you can:

* Pay-per click ads. This is a great marketing strategy that can increase exposure on the internet and advertise to your target market at the same time. Google adwords, Overture, and smaller search engines like Miva all offer pay per click advertising. Please note that before you make an account with one of these search engines you need to learn how to and make sure that your website is properly optimized, this will reduce your expenses, increase your exposure, and give you the best rank within the search engines.

* "Top Sponsor" Ezine Advertisements. There are lots of ezines all over the internet, covering a wide variety of niche topics that are read by millions of readers. Placing a sponsor ad can dramatically increase your exposure.

* Blogs. Blogs have made some internet marketers millions. However, there is more to this marketing strategy then just setting up a blog and just typing away. Make sure you get educated on how to properly write, monetize, host, and optimize your blog.

* Newspaper classified ads. You might be saying, newspapers aren't on the internet? No they are not, but they are still a great way to advertise your website. There are websites that provide nationwide newspaper advertising distribution, I would recommend these over advertising in just your local paper.

* On-Line Classifieds. There are internet newspapers as well that have on-line classified sections where you can market your business.

* Opt in form on your website. It is crucial in internet marketing that you have an opt in form to capture people's name and e-mail. The only way customers and prospects will trust you and believe in your quality service is if you can correspond with them on a regular basis and start a relationship with them.

* E-Mail. E-mail marketing can produce huge results. You can purchase lists of email addresses at many list rental services. Many of these lists are also targeted. However not all lists are the best one for you, so always test your market, and have a way of tracking results. If the list does not enable you to at least break even on your marketing efforts, then throw it out and get another one.

* The best domain name. This can be crucial to your internet marketing success, so take your time and get it right. Once you establish a customer base it will be hard to change it so make sure it is catchy, easy to spell, short, and easy to say.

* Multiple products or services to market. You are interested in repeat customers, so in order to be successful you need to be able to market people a wide variety of goods and services. How do you get a repeat customer if you only have one item to offer them.

* Direct Mail. Last but not least this is the ancient form of marketing that many internet marketers have forgotten about. However, over time direct mail has proven to be a very consistent internet marketing strategy to send out newsletters and provide info to customers about services on their website. However, get a unique envelope and address each one by hand, that is the only way you can get people to open it.

Implement these best internet marketing strategies into your business and hopefully you can achieve more success with your internet business. Try to use as many of these best strategies as you can because one marketing strategy on its own it not going to make you successful.

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