The Taste and Variety of Oreo Recipes

By: Jacob Cohen

Food business is one of the most flourishing in the business world and we can find many companies working in this area with leaps and bounds progress and the cutting-edge of all the thriving companies is the ever developing taste and varieties of foods they offer to their consumers. Among such giant food companies, there is a name which tops the list and it is Kraft Food Arabia Company. Kraft Company is a well established name in the food business and it does not only come up to the standard, but also sets up the higher standards that are to beat for the rest of the competition in the market.

The consumers are always demand newer variety in the edible items as the edible items with same taste surely stop attracting the taste buds and it is the most challenging time for a company to come up with something even more delicious, but they have to be very careful of the price range and keep try their best to keep within the same of the older items; however, a little raise may not matter much if the consumers are really getting something tastier. This is the reason why the food companies have to employ the best human resources and equipments so that they can fulfill the demands of their customers and increase the profits with greater margins. Their confident and skilled workers make it possible and they proudly serve with the abundance of food products in the market. Talking about Kraft Company, we can see a hue variety and Oreo is one of those delicious products made by this well known and every progressive food company.

Oreo is cookie that was developed in 1912 and earlier it was called Oreo Biscuit, but later in 1921, the name was changed to Oreo Sandwich. It was once again renamed as Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie in 1974. The structure of current product can be described as a sweet and white filling with cream like a sandwich between two circular chocolate cookie pieces. Now with the modern equipments in the factories, this cookie is available in various shapes and delightful flavors. This is now most popular cookie sandwich all over the world with the current packaging that is consisting of an aluminum foil bag. The traditional white cream is itself so yummy that its cream is solely licked by kids in particular. There are various Oreo recipes which interestingly are well known in popular stores. The Oreo recipe makers have used many creative ways to convert single style cookies into appealing and modified forms of the cookies.

These all are very creative recipes that people like to taste again and again. In some of the Oreo recipes, strong cream for extra sweetness is used and people can spray some whipped cream on top as well. These multiple forms give a delicious taste, especially when taken in the shake form which gives a cool drink along with the refreshing taste in morning breakfast. It can be best served as handy snacks.

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Jacob Cohen has been connected with food industry based in Rapid City, Dubai, UAE. He has worked on numerous projects associated with food and nutrition, and is an active blogger on quality food related products. For more info about delicious Oreo (أوريو) and its recipes (وصفات اوريو), visit Kraft Foods Website (كرافت).

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