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By: King of Ayodhya


This book, is Book - I of the three part series. Called the "Age of Seers", it deals till the time Rama goes into exile.

Even before we pick up this book, the idea of Rama telling his story incites curiosity in us. The Story Of Lord Rama I received this book as a part of BlogAdda's Book Review program. And I grabbed this opportunity, all eager to know what Rama had to say about himself.


The book starts slow, let me warn you. And you might be disappointed in the beginning, because it takes some time before things fall into place. Basically the story builds on you, gradually. It takes time before you settle down to the pace and the style of author. That's not good. I consider this one of its negative points. Casual readers might get turned off.


The writing's good. I am no expert but the material seems well researched. It is, at most times, a joy to read. I must give a special mention of Mother Kaikeyi's character. This was the most surprising and most adorable part of this book. Ramayana short stories The author has made me rethink Kaikeyi's image in new light. To do that in such a short span of few chapters, is really commendable. I loved it ! That was truly the best part of the book for me. Kudos to the author on that !


The book is relatively small and makes you wonder why the author thought of making it a three part novel. If the rest of the parts are of similar size, he could have easily made it into a single volume. I am sure he has a reason, if not creative then may be marketing/branding. But I couldn't really see a creative reason for it. How wonderful it would have been if he would have made it into a single volume ! But yes marketing-wise, it makes sense to build a market first and then launch the next product. Anyways, I'll stick to the literature part for now because that's none of my business. :)

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