The Soaring Coffee Industry

By: John Platiko

Are you wondering why the coffee industry keeps on hitting the market does? And thinking why there are so many specialty coffee shops is sprouting everywhere? Try to read on and learn the answers to these questions. Whether you are one of us, caffeine lovers, or not, you’ll understand why the does this kind of industry is one of the most profitable business in the world.

Every people have their own experiences to share when you talk about coffee, especially those who drink coffee from ages 18 and up. Many specialty coffee shops can be now found in almost any corner of the city, that's because of our addiction to caffeine. And because of this, I'm sure that those specialty coffee shops are making more money by serving thousands of caffeine lovers every day.

One of the fastest growing food industries in the world is the specialty coffee industry. Coffee shops are now almost every where. Try walking in the downtown area and you will notice that there now a lot of coffee shops serving coffee lovers. To produce a gourmet or premium coffee, is should be grown in the world's most ideal coffee producing climates, like in Costa Rica, and prepared according to exacting standards. And Specialty Coffee Association of America or SCAA set all these quality standards.

Specialty coffee industry have their own trade association, and this is SCAA. To maintain the quality, SCAA put standards for roasting, growing, and brewing of coffee. This association consists of coffee roasters, producers, retailers. Some coffee equipment manufacturers are also member of this association. As you may know, SCAA provide its own information of specialty coffee in terms of cupping, brewing, roasting, and more.

The first method, cupping, is the systematic evaluation of coffee beans based on its aroma and taste. This method is commonly used by coffee growers, buyers, and roasters to determine the quality of a specific coffee sample. There is a formal step-by-step evaluation process for doing a proper cupping and it requires the observance to an exacting set of brewing standards. A cupper generally looks for six characteristics to identify its quality, these include aroma, taste, fragrance, aftertaste, nose (vapors release by the coffee in the mouth), and body.

To enhance the taste of the coffee, proper brewing should be done. And it is properly done if the proper amount of flavor was extracted from the bean. The six essential elements of proper brewing are coffee to water ratio, optimum brewing method, properly operating brewing machine, a coffee grind that matches the brewing time, high quality water, and an appropriate filtering medium.

So, that is all. There is variety of reasons why premium coffee hit off the market. One, it needs to follow certain standards in order to produce a great tasting coffee drinks and simply because they taste better. If the coffee industry is continuous in implementing these high quality standards, it will continue to soar and it will benefit not only caffeine lovers but also those business owners.

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