The Secret to Christian Network Marketing

By: Neil Joseph

Christian network marketing is on the rise. Why? It has more to do with beliefs than the economy. While the economy has created the need for additional monies in many homes, the Christian's belief in family values will lead them to look into network marketing.

Network marketing is often couple and family oriented. Even those companies that are largely women dominated are worked around family responsibilities. That is the main selling point.

Christian network marketing succeeds because:

Moms and Dads are looking for something they can do together and get the family involved. They often believe that God will help them find a way to accomplish their goals. They want to instill a great faith and work ethic in their children. The local network marketing group serves as mentors and extended family in many cases. Family can work together. Small children can affix labels on literature. Older children can help pack orders. Even older children can help take orders. Parents can work together. They have special time together building their own business. Children view their time with a babysitter as something they will be rewarded for - family outing, special meals, or a special toy. The extra income can be used for family-planned activities and family goals, like college for the kids.

When looking for a network marketing company to join, many Christians will ask their friends in church what they are doing or if they know someone who is earning extra money. They know people in other faiths and can tap into a larger group to find referrals.

Once Christians have found some referred network marketing companies, they do their due diligence and check out the companies before committing to one. They not only want to believe in the products and the compensation plan, but they want to believe that the sacrifices they will make will ultimately allow them to reach the goals they have set for their families, their church, and their community.

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