The Roid Rage"Past and Present (Part 2)

By: Mick Hart

There are, and always will be, the sub culture hard core of trainees who pump iron solely to strut their stuff and maybe enter and try to win contests, adding more trophies to their cabinets at home. However for all of these categories, like it or not, whether competitive or not, all are openly or covertly influenced by physique contests and of course rising standards of accepted muscular perfection.

Physique competitions are the deciding factor on how bodybuilders are inspired and their hopes are the result of what comes after big events. The whole bodybuilding industry is covered in the muscle mags but they are responsible for giving the guidance needed by budding physique competitors. The top contests are reported big time and the winners reveal all their secrets on training, diet and anything else that may help them on the way to having the best physique in the world.

The high standards are the key to the ever improving physiques that come out of the contests as we have just seen, but let's make sure we have a look at the real players in this sport, who are the judges that are responsible for setting such high standards.

Judging is crucial in this sport so who governs the judges and tells them what to be looking for? Is there an existing standard to become a judge and what exams do they have to take? I was amazed one day while watching an international contest when a judge sat in front of me turned round and asked me what the number was on the competitors shorts. It makes you think that with such a responsibility they should at least be able to see properly.

You will find that many of the judges at these events come from other countries so they also have to deal with jet lag in some cases which have in the past lead to some really bad decisions being made, and if they struggle to see properly as well. Thank God that these types of errors carried out by individuals have been rectified by the introduction of extremely sophisticated scoring systems.

Like football refs, PC. judging is not a route to popularity, and special favors would soon be discovered by astute fans. Sure it is nice to have expenses covered (and why not) to be at the heart of things. For retired bodybuilders to stay in touch with the game. But dropping for an instant my cynicism, my belief is most judges are genuine lovers of the game, and simply want to contribute or repay a sport they have spent most of their lives contributing or participating.

The role played by the judges though is one that can influence greatly the personal goals set by competitors. Some comments made in the past make the picture quite clear, for example Russ Warner a famous photographer said that judges can either send you home a hero or cast you into a pit and Rick Wayne a legendary Weider writer once said that Judges were like a sect and that nothing of a competitor's life could influence them.

I enjoy quoting other peoples thoughts and opinions but that is all they are. Charisma and reputation always affect the human subconscious minds and hence the decisions we actually make. Beauty really is "in the eye of the beholder." Doctors, lawyers, teachers and practicing and retired bodybuilders all contribute to our judging panels, but judges are just human and therefore open to criticism over their own qualifications and decisions. (Coming Soon Part 3)

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