The Road to a Better Body Is NOT A Terrible Experience

By: Peter Roseberg

It's one thing to want to stay fit and build a little muscle. It's another to beef yourself up without even the intention of competing. Either way, most people who don't have the habit of working out regularly are usually too scared to try it. It seems like a lot of work, and it is. Kit Harrington, of Game of Thrones fame, got ripped for his "Pompeii" film. During an interview, he mused that it's not something he wants to do again.

Not only does working out seem like too much work for the best results, there's even a certain level of science to it. For instance, if you want to have a six-pack, chances are you'll experience a lot of back pain before you get to tone your abs. There's also a lot of dieting and exercising involved. This, for some weird reason, gets translated into depriving yourself of food and exhausting yourself at the gym. It's a very common misconception.

Then there's the supplements, which aren't FDA approved, but widely used by most bodybuilders. Most people are put off by the fact that these aren't officially sanctioned products. Add to that the fact that there are a lot of bodybuilding supplements that have had negative effects on some people, they tend to get avoided.

What they fail to realize is that they can still work out and get in shape without these products. You can have a workout routine without having to resort to supplements. Not only that, the products that have had adverse effects on its users have been pulled off the shelves. While these are rebranded, the harmful ingredients have since been removed from their formulas.

As for the food deprivation to get the best results, it's a myth. If someone goes to the gym every day, he or she will not be able to perform well on an empty stomach. Add to that the fact that food consumption is actually important for a better body. It fuels the body for the intense workout and supplies much needed nourishment to the muscles. Without enough nourishment, a person would likely faint before finishing his or her workout.

Not only that, there are rest days for working out. Most people believe that going to the gym for exercising has to be every day. While you can do that, it's not necessary. You have rest days, and these are usually twice a week. This pretty much debunks the myth about exhausting yourself in the gym.

Besides, the rest days are also often "cheat" days, where you're allowed to consume a meal that you have been craving for all week. These cheat days are also referred to as "reward days." Simply put, you can eat whatever you want during these days; burgers, pizza, and whatnot as long as you don't cancel out whatever work you have put in during the week.

The road to a better body requires hard work and determination, but it isn't as hard as most people put it out to be. Just work out regularly and get a healthier diet. Don't keep tabs on how much weight you've lost. The important thing is you have started your road to a healthier lifestyle.

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You can get in shape without using supplements at all. But if you need a boost, try creatine supplements.

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