The Risks of Wearing Contact Lenses

By: Emily Hernandez

Contact lenses permit you to see clearly without worrying about your friends teasing you on how old you look - unlike when you wear eyeglasses. Similarly, you do not have to worry about playing your chosen sport because again, no eyeglasses will fall. Your contacts let you live your life ordinarily and it is so much fun, right? However, wearing contacts comes with risks. Your eye specialist in Arizona will tell you this. Hence, you have to take additional precautions when using them.

Eye Infection

You may have problems with eye infection when you use your lenses for an extended period of time or when you sleep with the contacts on. You may even get your eyes bothered due to some environmental factors like air pollution and because of poor hygiene, which means that you are not aware about how to effectively clean, use and store your contacts.

You will know that you are afflicted by eye irritation if you feel pain or discomfort in your eyes or vision and if you notice uncommon redness and swelling. Even burning sensation, unusual sensitivity to light and itching are indications of eye infection. If you observe that your eyes have strange discharge or produces excessive tears, they are also indications that your eyes are irritated and you need to check with an eye specialist in Arizona.

Corneal Ulcer

A simple eye irritation can lead to corneal ulcer if you do not offer proper treatment to your eyes. Corneal ulcer is an open sore located at the cornea. This happens when you do not adhere to safety tips on wearing contacts; thus, you accidentally create tiny scratches in the surface of the cornea that eventually allow bacteria to penetrate. Instead of being transparent, the cornea now appears to be gray or white.

Indicators for corneal ulcer include redness of the white portion of the eye (called sclera), blurred vision and sensitivity to light. Pain, on the other hand, may range from mild to severe. Other signs for corneal ulcer are clouding or watering of the eye, a feeling that there is a foreign particle in the eye and discharge from the eye.


You may have conjunctivitis from wearing lenses. This eye condition refers to the swelling of the conjunctiva, which covers the sclera and contours the inside of the eyelids. It is also known as pink eye. Signs for conjunctivitis is similar to other eye conditions like burning sensation in the eye, swollen eyelids, sensitivity to light and too much tearing.

To stop yourself from struggling with the risks of wearing contact lenses, you should clean and disinfect your contacts the correct way. Used solution should be dumped immediately. Do not allow your contact lenses to be open to any kind of water (tap, bottled, ocean and others). Keep the case clean at the same time. You should purchase new case every three to six months. It's also advisable to visit an eye specialist in Arizona the moment you feel that something is happening in your eyes.

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