The Right Tub for Your Baby and Your Budget

By: Austin Cross

A couple weeks back I wrote a blog about some of the latest inventions on the baby market, including a bionic baby suit that monitors your baby’s heartbeat. Well check out my latest discovery while idly surfing the web – a baby Jacuzzi! Yes you heard me right… At a little under $3000, your little darling can de-stress and decompress after a long day of well, napping, being cuddled, fed, dressed, and generally having all her needs met, kicking back and relaxing in her very own jetted tub!

The MagicBath baby whirlpool also features colored LED’s for soothing chromatherapy sessions, in case you were wondering why the good old kitchen sink wouldn’t suffice for the job. Sure, your kid will no doubt outgrow her spa bath by the time she’s one, but at least she’ll feel pampered from the get go, and you never know, perhaps there’s a hot resale market for baby Jacuzzis on Craigslist…?

In the meantime, while you’re saving up for your baby bubble tub (by which time baby might be a teenager), there are a few perfectly functional baths that help get the job done, including the SpaBath which rather resembles a bucket but keeps baby upright and in the fetal position. The one I have is by First Years and can be used as a stand alone infant bath as well as converting to a toddler seat for the regular bath. Another one that looks fun is an inflatable tub by Safety 1st - who knew there were so many variations on a bath! In all seriousness though, some other tub time essentials for baby include, a bath towel, flannel or sponge, cotton wool balls for cleaning eyes, a selection of bath toys (as well as a basket or bag to store said clutter), and the necessary baby shampoo, baby wash and bubble bath. With all this your little one should then be all set to soak and without sinking too much of your cash in the process.

Curfew Questions

Recently, I was asked by a host mom about curfews. “Our first au pair arrives in just 2 weeks and we are so excited!", she said. "One thing that my husband and I are still considering is her curfew – my husband feels that because she is a 22-year-old, we have no right to give her a curfew. In my opinion, we should have some rules and curfews in place. What do you think?”

When it comes to curfews, I always remind host families that the au pairs are adults, so the host family has no obligation to keep tabs on her or give her a curfew. However, that does not mean that some structure and expectations should not be in place. In fact, this is an important part of every match. To start, au pairs and host families should be having conversations about their expectations as early as the matching process. Many families require their au pair to be home and in bed 8 hours before their shift begins – no matter the age of your au pair, this is an acceptable rule to have in place. Having a “car curfew” (for example, the car has to be home at 11, au pair can be home anytime) is also common.

This most important part of the equation is communication - asking your au pair to call or text you if she decides to sleep at a friend’s house or will be home with the car much later than planned can give you piece of mind and will get your au pair into the habit of checking in with you. It is important that the rules you put in place are appropriate, and it is also important for your au pair to respect them. You should always consult your Area Director if a question about curfew comes up, but by keeping the lines of communication open, you’ll be well on your way to a smooth - and fun –year together.

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