The Right Apparel For Weightlifting

By: Tom Dahne

What You Need To Wear Before You Can Start Lifting 

Weight lifting helps you lose weight, stay fit and keep in shape. It revitalizes you mentally and physically. But it is very essential to pay attention to what you wear when you are lifting weights. Wearing the right apparel for weight lifting is very important. By using proper weight lifting apparel, you can be more comfortable as well as improve the quality of your workout.

If you wear tight clothes, it will restrict your movements and you will find it difficult to move freely. So one should opt for comfortable apparel rather than going for tight clothes. Also exercising means you will sweat a lot, so cotton would be a better choice than something you are likely to feel hot in.

The choice of footwear while working out or lifting weights is very important. Many people believe that this does not matter much, but the truth is that sometimes lifting weights can put a lot of stress on the shoes so they should be comfortable and strong. Weight lifting shoes are usually ones with raised heels as these help in proper transmission of power between the weights and the ground. You won’t be able to lift the same amount of weight if you are wearing the wrong shoes.

Wearing a pair of fine quality gloves for weight lifting is not a bad idea. It will give you a better grip and will also prevent your hands form getting damaged because of lifting heavy weights. Moreover, you’ll find it easier lifting weights while wearing gloves if your hands tend to get sweaty and sticky, as the gloves will give you a better grip. It is also believed that a better grip will help you lift weights longer and harder.

But there are a lot of people who do not use gloves. So it is more a matter of opinion, whether you are comfortable exercising wearing gloves or not. Some people also use gloves for specific exercises only.

For the back exercises, a pair of lifting straps can be of great help. They are worn around the hands and attached on the bar for stronger grip. These are particularly important wile doing exercises like deadlifts or barbell rows where there is always a risk of your hands tiring or of losing the grip.

Wearing a weight lifting belt is not necessary. It will slow down the progress as it takes a lot of work off your muscles. When you are starting out, you do not want this as they will halt your development, but later as you become more experienced and start lifting heavier weights, you will realize the benefits of using a belt.

All these weight lifting apparels will certainly assist you but obviously it is the effort you put in that matters most. It is all about how you train and how you eat, so that needs to be given the main importance.

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