The Relationship between Underwear and Marriage

By: yang

An underwear change is quietly and unravels the prelude of marriage reform. First time when you listen to this information out of the blue may seem rambling, but the fine product has caused deep intension. What the intension is? Perhaps a lot of people have no idea about it.

When we talk about old-style marriage, we may think that the marriage is "low quality contract but high stability", two people live together with very harmonious. The couple who separated more than ten years even still maintained engagement, this kind of marriage in life is not rare. Engagements on feelings are in the casual dress. If the women are style-conscious, especially for the thirties, they will be attacked by the criticism, dress up with the meaning of "Would you like to seduce other men?"

In tradition, women with the optimal, bad, "normal" in the way she dressed by some as a thrifty. “What was used for fastidious underwear? It is not necessarily between husband and wife. Shabby clothes such as texture if it was soft can be done as "underwear". Underwear brand have switched from 1980s in China's, people who came from foreign countries have not known hamper the market prosperity of underwear of "contract marriage is root" yet. The rate of divorce is on the rising, while the agreement is increasing as well. There is a leap of liberation for those divorced women. The feudal society for single woman can hardly live in society; from "sympathy" to "protect" engagement to marry women, even small, raise the concubine alongside total have meal. With the developing of economy, the quality of women’s cultural, improves the social environment improvement, the woman can survive in society, and the divorce rate is independent of natural rising.

Divorce will become a normal social phenomenon which is accepted, at the same time emotional marriage began to replace contract marriage; people pay more and more attention to the quality of marriage. Valentine couple who would like to constantly live together will make a great number of efforts to attract each other, make them become more charming, any party may cause slack disintegration of marriage. As a matter of fact, the clothing was sex appeal, the tool, underwear show. Westerner’s feudal consciousness of bondage is early, but the importance what they emphasize on the clothing that is the deepest feeling. People deliberately enhance couples will concern the growing of underwear, soberly aware or dim underwear is in the emotional plays an important role in the marriage.

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