The Relation Between Foods and Migraines

By: EileenDavies

If you suffer from recurring migraine headaches, you are all too aware of how painful and annoying they can be. There are several different categories or classes to migraine headaches, which can explain some of the causes for having them. There are some types that have no explanation other than the foods that are being eaten. Researchers have proven that there are certain foods that are the cause of migraines because of the way that they are made or the things that they contain.

The foods that are identified as triggers for migraines in some people varies depending on the particular responses of the person. There are a few, however, that have been noted for many cases as the cause of migraine headaches. Caffeine in large amounts is a given for many people; when you ingest large amounts of caffeine, withdrawal causes migraines to occur. There are also fruits and cheeses that have the potential to cause migraines because of their sugar or natural caffeine levels or (in the case of cheeses) how they were cured.

The best things that you can do if you suspect that there are certain foods that are causing your migraines is to keep a log of what you are eating and your incidences of migraine headaches. Then you can go through and use the process of elimination to figure out which food is the culprit. This will take some time because you have to choose one food at a time, but in the end if you can identify the problem, you can find the solution.

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