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In the process of removing fat from the body during a liposuction procedure, body fluids are also drawn up and may cause a patient to go into shock if it is not replaced. Certain liposuction techniques such as the time scent techniques do not require the replacement of body fluids. However, other techniques demand that you are hooked up to an intravenous fluid line to get a replacement of body fluids that you might lose during the suction process of a liposuction procedure.

Your existing medical condition, intake of supplements or vitamins, weight and skin elasticity are major determinants of whether a liposuction surgery will be good for you or not. Your doctor will determine which liposuction technique will be the best for you. Make sure that you ask your surgeon if you will be a likely candidate for liposuction before you make the decision to have one.

If you are a naturally impatient person, you may be extremely depressed after undergoing a liposuction surgery. Liposuction can leave you with a lot of bruises and protrusions that need some time to go down before the results are visible. To fully appreciate the effects of liposuction, you should realize that healing is progressive and try as much as possible to work with the flow.

People with an inelastic body are not good candidates for liposuction. If liposuction is carried out on such people the areas operated upon will remain loose. Reports have shown that it is mainly older people that have this problem

Liposuction is a good cosmetic surgery for those who want to remove excess weight from some parts of the body. It however has negative effect when the person begins to gain weight. It is a form of surgery that removes fat permanently and in the cause of addition of weight there’ll be uneven shape.

The part of the body where liposuction is to be carried out is a great determinant of the cost of liposuction. There are parts that are difficult to work on. Those parts are often more expensive than the parts that are simple. Areas like the face, neck and chin are more difficult to operate on because they store less fat.

Liposuction is a form of surgery that requires antibiotics. The antibiotics help to prevent infection during and after surgery. It is generally given 60 minutes before and after surgery.

Find out whether your insurance company will cover the cost of your liposuction surgery or not. Most insurance suppliers are clear about their standpoint on liposuction as they see it as cosmetic surgery and usually exclude it from their packages. You may be lucky to have your liposuction surgery paid for by your insurance company if it warrants it.

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