The Question that Only Smart Real Estate Investors Ask

By: peter V

Imagine this scenario:
You have done some serious legwork when it comes to your real estate investment career. You have searched your local area for deals that meet your criteria, located three properties that all appear to be great investment opportunities, and gotten background on all three deals from the sellers.
One of the deals is a short sale that is terribly (or wonderfully) upside down, depending on how you look at it. However, the house has sat empty for the past 18 months, and there is a serious mold problem in the basement. The outside looks pretty good, but you know that the interior repairs are going to be tough. And of course, you still have to negotiate with the bank, but you are hoping that you can get the house for much less than is actually owed.
The second deal is a home that the owner is willing to sell subject-to. The property has been lived in, but as the owner’s finances have declined, they have been forced to neglect some of the upkeep, and the roof and paint are in pretty questionable condition. In addition, there are a lot of home owner’s association fees and fines that are owed by the current owner.
The third deal is a pretty simple fixer-upper. The owner had to move for business, and is willing to take a seriously low price on the house just to get rid of it. He doesn’t owe much on the mortgage, and only cares about making 15,000 dollars on the sale. If you can meet that price, then he’ll be happy to hand you the keys.
All of these deals sound pretty good, don’t they? So how will you know which one to choose? Because the truth is, all of these properties have some major hidden pitfalls that you may not have noticed if you do not have much experience in real estate.
Fortunately, you can easily determine which deal – if any – is right for you by asking just one simple question that all smart real estate investors know to ask.
You need to ask for help.
If you want to succeed in real estate investing, then you need a guide. Everyone needs someone on their team who knows more than they do about aspects of their business, and when it comes to real estate investing, experience is a major plus. Having a coach who understands your personal real estate investing goals and every aspect of your situation can be a lifesaver in situations like these where the right decision could make you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the wrong one could lose you just as much.
If you are interested in talking with Peter further about his private real estate coaching program please respond to this email with your full name and all your contact information.

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Peter Vekselman has been successfully investing in real estate since 1996. He has completed over 1200 real estate deals, owned a construction company, been a private lender, and owned a property management company. Peter currently works with clients all over the US helping them achieve riches in real estate investing. For more information please visit Real Estate coaching

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