The Quality of Sleep is very important for People

By: venturiwang

The 21st, March is World Sleep Day and the slogan of 2010 is" Sleep Well, Stay Healthy"(This is the tenth year of World Sleep Day). As we all known, having a good sleep every day for people is very important. Adequate sleep, good diet habit and appropriate exercise are recognized as the three health standards of international. Sleep is an active process of the human body and could rally spirits and alleviation.

Therefore, in order to improve people's awareness of the importance of sleep, the International Foundation for Mental Health and Neurosciences make a global sleep and health plan in 2001 and decide March 21 of each year as the "World Sleep Day".

Actually, about one-third of life for people spent in sleep, so our sleep quality is directly affect people's life quality. With the development of economy and society, modern people's life pace accelerate quickly and lifestyle change significantly. As work, communication, competitive pressure and the burden of spirit, more and more people's sleep have affected. According to the survey of World

Health Organization, there are about 27 % people have sleep problems which include a considerable number of people do not get a reasonable diagnosis and treatment.

Lack of sleep will lead to the human body functions changeable. Scientists have found that healthy people can tolerate hunger as long as three weeks, however, if lack of sleep about three days and night, people will become restless, emotionally unstable, poor memory, poor judgment and even delusions and hallucinations, which is difficult to keep daily life activities. Medical science has shown that occasionally insomnia will cause fatigue and poor motor coordination, but long-term insomnia will cause inattention, memory decline and so on.

Good sleep not only allows people to ensure good health, but also benefit to human life, also creates a better life for people. Hence, we should not neglect our quality of sleep and it is time to make a good sleep environment for ourselves. Keep good and stable emotions and pay more attention to sleep hygiene, and correct some wrong sleep habits, so as to enable people to get a good sleep.

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