The Pros and Cons of Running a Business From Home

By: David Mclauchlan

If you are considering starting your own business from home there are many factors that you will want to consider. Like everything in life there are Pro and cons. Here are the pleasures and pains to be found when you run your own business from home.

Pro: Complete Independence. You are the one in charge. No boss ordering you around. You are the one making all the decisions. You decide if you want to work today or not, when to start and for how long. You make he rules in this world.

Con: No Real Security. With all the freedom comes some serious responsibilities. You muck it up and you have to live with it. You make no money for your business, then there is no money for you. The security of a regular paycheck is not so easy to give up. Everything is performance related for you now as you run your own business.

Pro: Flexibility. You are the one who decides your hours. It can make a huge difference knowing that you can take any day of you want to. Nobody to dictate to you that you cannot have your vacation when you want it. Heck you can have 10 weeks off every year if you want. you will be free for all family celebrations and holidays.

Con: Over Analyzing. Sometimes everything can get on top of you. It is no surprise to find that work is constantly on your mind. After all you are the one that makes all the decisions. Even on days off you are tempted to get a little extra done and before you know it, you just seem to be taken over with the workload as you end up creating it for yourself. Over analysis is a common problem that creates this extra work. This is a mode that you can easily fall into, by simply looking into every aspect of everything you are doing and questioning it.

Pro: More Money. Everything you earn is yours to keep. There is nothing worse than working somewhere where you can see all the profits being created through your efforts and your only reward is a small fraction in the form of a paycheck. with your own business all the net profits are yours.

Con: Doing All The Work. Suddenly you just realized you have become all departments, not just one. You have to do the ordering, the selling, the packaging the filing and numerous other tasks. Not forgetting the dreaded tax returns. Unless of course you want to eat into your profits and outsource some of these tasks. It is at that point you begin to realize balancing profits just got difficult to manage.

Pro: No Travelling To Work. Travelling to work is an expense. It also waisted time. After all you are not productive while travelling. Especially if you had to drive to work. you just get up and you are already in the workplace. you do not even have to get dressed for work let alone travel.

Con: Less Room. Your home just lost quite a bit of space now. Your business is taking up room. The family may well find this an inconvenience. The wife might not be all that happy having you under her feet all day. you are taking up space and getting in the way now.

Pro: A Healthier Lifestyle. When you are on a lunch break it can be a rush just to try and get everything done let alone find time to eat. You end up rushing your meal, which can often end up being convenience food. You can take your time now and eat at the most convenient time and have proper meals with healthy food.

Con: If you are in the house yourself all day then you can find it lonely. you may have been used to the companionship of all your work mates. This is all gone now. Worse still of course if your house is not empty. If the wife is around and the kids, you can be driven to distraction and find it very difficult to concentrate on your work tasks.


I can tell you that without any shadow of a doubt that if you take that first step to working from home, you will most likely never regret it. The benefits far outweigh the pitfalls by ten to one or more. You will enjoy a more content and healthier lifestyle.

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