The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Online Virtual Assistant

By: PA Everyday Virtual Assistant

If you want to hire a virtual assistant, you’re also likely to be looking for top value service. The "virtual vs. onshore" argument for online assistant services is usually based on dealing with issues, rather than any particular preference. Virtual Assistants have a lot of advantages and the main issue is usually that people aren't used to them.

There is an easy way to sort out the distinctions and the issues on remote vs. onshore staffing. To start, cost is one big and omnipresent issue. Not only it is naturally a major factor in decision making but it makes up 100% of the decision making process on which one is less costly. Virtual employees are always cheaper than office staff.

Another issue to take into consideration is the distinction between the values developed onshore or offshore. The differences between virtual and onshore are pretty basic when it comes to sorting out how one has different values from the other. Virtual business operations are sourced remotely from another country. Onshore business is remote service from an onshore source.

The pros of hiring virtual assistants are:

Huge cost savings in salary and overheads.
No office required.
You could have 10 virtual staff and yet have no office space

The cons of hiring virtual assistants are:

Less perceived control
Less actual control as the virtual employee works from home as opposed to an office

Conducting business, onshore or virtual, really is a matter of simply configuring a few operations a bit differently. If you’re comfortable using a mobile phone or a computer, you’ll have no difficulty.

The virtual business world is a different working environment, and some “evolution” of business operations is naturally involved in either case. The “new” procedures usually involve no more than a few minor differences in managing business information, usually online or over the phone.

The “less control” cons for virtual are fundamentally wrong. These services are provided under contract. You’re doing business with the provider, not individuals. If you’re in need of inbound complex call handling, you’ll naturally be very concerned to get reliable services. If you need an online virtual assistant or a Virtual PA, you should know that virtual services are based on performance requirements, and that’s really the whole story.

If an offshore provider can deliver a level of quality within the ballpark of the onshore alternative, the primary operational issues are cost-based. With a virtual workforce, procedures and processes are a lot tighter, therefore more efficient business operations.

Frankly, its’ no contest. Onshore services don’t have a lot of clear, tangible extra benefits. It’s impossible to believe paying 10 times more for basically the same services is good business. The idea of outsourcing is to cut costs, not find more.

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PA Everyday's clients benefit from a wide variety of services, from the “do-it-yourself” model of virtual assistant staff leasing, to full-fledged divisional outsourcing such as Inbound/Outbound Call Centre and Bookkeepers. Our flexible contract lengths and rapid recruitment processes allow seamless integration into our clients' businesses.

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